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Potter's House - Straight out of the Mother church - Part 2

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  • egrace_astorga
    It all happend in September of last year. Halloween was closing in & I was a bit upset about the planning of the Halloween Haunted House & the mom s of the
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      It all happend in September of last year. Halloween was closing in &
      I was a bit upset about the planning of the Halloween Haunted House
      & the mom's of the church making & buying customes for their
      Before this, I had gotten a call from one of the pastor's wife who
      was sent out to Tucson just last month, Norma Rubi. She invited me
      out to lunch & I accepted the invite.The subject of Halloween came
      up, my words to her almost exactly were "I had my own beliefs before
      we moved to Prescott & started attending the PH, I know that pastor
      Mitchell is a man of God, I respect him & love him, but I do not
      agree with the whole Halloween thing. How can I man of God who
      stands at the altar talk about "if it doesn't come from God it comes
      from satan" & allow his own grandchildren to dress up & go out trick
      or treating...? And how can he say that chiropractic is evil, don't
      you find that odd..? I haven't been to a chiropractor nor am I in
      need of one, but I did work for a christian chiropractor who went to
      school for 6 years, it's all a matter of fact practice & there is
      nothing magical about it, she cared for people so much that she gave
      adjustments to a handful of people for free. I have asked many
      people in the church why chiropractic is wrong & I never get a
      straight answer or they tell me to talk to Pastor Mitchell." By now,
      her face was a bit angry & so was her tone of voice when she spoke,
      I think mainly because I didn't let her interrupt me. Norma said that
      there was nothing wrong with halloween & that they didn't really
      celebrate it, that mostly they just used it as an outreach, turning
      something evil into something good, that thousands of people got
      saved on halloween because of their outreach. To which I
      responded "Ok, I can see your point as far as the haunted house
      goes, but what about dressing up your children & taking them door to
      door for candy, & even coming to church dressed up (halloween of
      2004 had fallen on Sunday) what about that? (I never did agree with
      some of the things they did during the outreaches, but I wasn't
      ready to touch that subject just yet..)
      Her response "Pastor Mitchell doesn't really agree with that &
      mentions it every once in a while but he can't control people"
      I said "Why didn't he mention it right before halloween then..?
      Wouldn't that be the best time to remind people..? She was so upset
      she asked what my point was & I said "If I could find a church as
      good as the PH but only they didn't celebrate halloween, I would
      leave the PH & go there instead". She said that if that was my way
      of thinking that I wasn't too far off from backsliding sometime in
      the near future because those thoughts would start to eat at me to
      the point of distorting my beliefs, & that if I left I would be out
      of God's will because the PH is where God had placed me & where I
      had gotten saved. So I said "Well, I first got saved in a little
      church in California when I was 14...are you saying that I should
      move back & go there" She said nothing & went on about
      the "Potential backsliding bull" & she never did answer why
      chiropractic was wrong. I am a very stubborn person & I can argue a
      point until proven wrong with actual matter of fact. I had been told
      about the PH before but I defended the church & pastor Mitchell just
      like anyone else from the PH. I knew that Norma didn't like what I
      had to say, I had a feeling that I was in for a rude awakening. I
      wanted to be wrong but I knew that our conversation would go
      straight to her husband & from her husband straight to "the
      breakfast table", where pastors, evangelists & anyone important have
      meetings at church in the morning over breakfast to discuss problems
      in the church etc.

      It is required that when you go talk to any of the pastor's in their
      office, that you do so with a witness. My friend RS wanted to talk
      to Pastor Mitchell about some commnets Anita Brooks had made about
      her choice of color in clothes - Black - Anita had gone as far as
      telling RS that they wouldn't be able to be friends if she kept
      dressing up in black because it was Goth & goth is evil. So I went
      with her to meet with W. Mitchell & this is sort of how it went
      after RS explained why she was there. Jokingly, W. Mitchell asked
      RS "Are you Goth" she laughed & said "No!!" W.Mitchell "Well than
      what are you worried about..? there is nothing in the bible stating
      that you should wear this color or that color..see...some people
      take some things too far & then they turn into radicals like the
      people who say halloween is bad when it isn't, I have a whole page
      on why halloween isn't a bad holiday.." Now, keep in mind that he
      was still talking & looking straight at RS, but I was in the room. I
      knew that he was talking to me, so I asked him for the stupid paper
      which he gladly gave only to me...

      To be continued...
      Sorry long story.....I have so much to get out of my chest & tell
      people who are still in the PH & think that PH people & pastors can
      do no wrong... I think all the praise the Mitchells & the people
      from the PH have gotten over the years from people around the world
      have gone up to their heads, as far as to think that "Prescott
      church people aren't regular people, they're like floating people,
      because we get to see & talk to W. Mitchell every church service of
      every week" as stated "jokingly" by a PH evangelist visiting our
      church from another state. (our - at the time I was still a PH
    • kenhaining777
      [It all happend in September of last year.] Once again I invite you to come over to Escape From the Fellowship.
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        [It all happend in September of last year.]


        Once again I invite you to come over to Escape From the Fellowship.


        Just click on the link and it will take you there.  I have responded to this post over there if you care read those posts you can come on over.  Again, feel free to join and to post over there.  Thanks.

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