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Why People Stay - Losing Your Destiny

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    Here is a post by naboth675 posted on Escape From the Fellowship and Slam the Door on the Potter s House.
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      Here is a post by naboth675 posted on Escape From the Fellowship and Slam the Door on the Potter's House.




      Why people stay - Losing your destiny.

      Is life simply a matter of time and chance or is there such thing as fate or destiny? Most christians will say that they believe that there is a sovereign hand that guides this world while many will afirm the importance of free will as well.

      What happens in the Potters House is right from the start you are fed a series of dogma's concerning God's plan for your life. The Potters House is an organisation who majors in destiny. One of the fellowships publications was entitled 'In pursuit of destiny.' It is said to be the defining statement of Mitchell's ministry and has become part of the pattern for all in fellowship churches.

      The whole destiny thing however is a very narrow affair in the fellowship. You are called to preach or pioneer in a fellowship church. Your destiny might be to be an usher or a bible study leader or maybe a 'pillar of the church.' Perhaps after you've had a stint at pursuing your destiny as a pastor you might decide to pursue another destiny as an evangelist. This strange and contrary state of affairs has occured many times.

      Supposing you decided that you were called to be an aid worker or be involved in any kind of charity work. This does not fit the fellowship pattern and most pastors will be dissapointed in you. Some will even tell you that it's not the will of God. I know one man who scorned such a work and considered it a waste of a christians life. He dispised and distrusted people who did that kind of thing. As far as he was concerned they were out of the will of God. What if you felt the Spirit's leading to attend a seminary or bible college? The fellowship cannot envisage anything outside their pattern. It's like the will of God stops and ends with the vision and pattern of Wayman Mitchell. You can't hear from God outside of his pattern. That alone should tell you that this group is as cultic as the Mormons. How many churches act in such an obscenely arrogant and inflexible manner. They are determined to hear from God for you and dictate the will of God for you life. Oh they might be subtil about it and say you must hear from God for yourself but just try to follow a calling outside the pattern and you will be councelled against it. They are controlling your destiny. 

      Anyone who has ever tried to leave and join another church has been written off, malaigned, slandered and condemned. If you don't believe it then why did Wayman Mitchell say that he has NEVER known a person to leave his fellowship whose heart was right with God? The fellowship control your destiny, not God. Try telling them that God led you out of another church and into their fellowship and that is another matter. You'll get a pat on the back for being able to hear from God so accurately. What hypocrisy.

      There is almost a manic obsession with being called to preach. Of all the things listed in scripture why is almost every man and his dog called to preach? Your destiny is being all but dictated to you. Why have 40% of all U.K Potters House churches ever planted closed down? Why are many of the others so small {Even after many years in operation} that they cannot support a full time minister? Called of God? Called of the fellowship more like. Who are they kidding? This is a tightly controlled system and it is tightly controlled for good reason. 

      Every person is worth money to the organisation. A pioneer church with a non paid pastor and a congregation of just 12 is worth money to the organisation. Conferences are worth money to the organisation. If you want to control the flow of money you must control the people and to do that you must get them to believe that the greatest thing they could ever be part of is in this very group and if they leave then they lose their God given destiny. I knew A guy who worked for Kirby Vacuum cleaners. After a while he was sounding like all the rest of them. It was pitiable. They were control freaks with one single vision. To build their pyramid. He was taught to think and act in the way that best served their own ends. The similarity to fellowship destiny was unmissable.   

      Massive amounts of time and effort are ploughed into this idea of destiny. This deliberately narrow definition of destiny. This destiny that is tightly entwined with the idea that God led you to THIS church and your DESTINY is indivisably connected to that church AND that pastor. It was his destiny to rule over you. In other words, leave the church and your pastors authority and you've left God's authority and are officially in rebellion. Guess what? You've just lost your destiny. 

      I remember the time I stepped down from platform ministry. I will never forget the words of my pastor. He warned me that those who stay out of ministry for too long get lukewarm and backslide. What absolute rubbish. I'd actually prayed about this and asked God what he wanted. Not  a word from the pastor about asking God about when to get back into ministry if at all. Just a warning not to stay out too long or you will be messed up. This is how they control you. You end up being paranoid about losing your destiny. How many people who have left feel that God has put them on the scrapheap because they cannot concieve of a destiny outside of that manipulative religious group. This is totaly cultic and abusive. Ever wondered why people who are called to preach are not allowed to go to bible college. It has nothing to do with doctrine. That is a smokescreen. The real reason is to control you. This destiny of yours is not from God. It was a destiny made in Arizona. That's the reason why they wont let you out of their sight. That's the reason why they put a hundred restictions on your time, your associations, your dress, your entertainment and other things. They and not God are controlling your destiny. You are fullfilling the fellowship's destiny for your life and not God's.  

      Isn't it interesting how they completely forget how the bible says that the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. If that were true then it doesn't matter what church you go to or whether the pastor gave you a green light or you fulfilled all his petty rules about being on outreach and disposing of your T.V you would be allowed to reach your destiny. This just shows that the calling was not from God. It was from the fellowship. They got you thinking you were hearing from God. In reality the pressure cooker atmosphere of the fellowship pushed you in that direction. The only calling you hear of 90% of the time is the call to preach. They discourage you from association with other churches and teach you to be suspicious of christians even going so far as to tell you that many of them have a {demon} spirit. Can't have you believing a real word from God can they. It might lead you outside of the destiny they planned for you. You might even end up leaving the church.  

      Incidently. If you go out and pioneer do you know who collects 5% of all the offerings you take? That's right, your mother church. Now do you understand why your pastor is so interested in you being called to preach. Think of the acclaim for him at conference and among the brethren. One step closer to hosting his own conference. This is no divine destiny, It's an egotistically and financially motivated religious pyramid marketing scheme. Everything in a marketing scheme of this nature is based on the single aim of getting you to do the same job as the man who is above you and setting up your own franchise. He gets his cut from that of course. You are trained to work so he can make money out of you. That's how they work. That's how the felowship is set up. Even wondered why they don't pay their pioneer pastors a wage? They did when they were in Foursquare Gospel church. They definitely don't now.

      Do you doubt what I'm saying? Ask yourself this. How many of those pioneer pastors are still in charge of the churches they set up ten or fifteen years down the line? You do the donkey work and they take your business. They even make you sign an agreement to ensure that you hand over 'all material and human resources.' You'd be better off joining Amway.  

      If this destiny was of God then why have hundreds of pastors left the fellowship and been denounced as backslidden agents of satan? Why have all but one of the original board of leaders left?  This fellowship make your calling dependant on so many things it leaves you as a slave to all they say because you don't want to lose your calling. Do yourself a big favour. Cast your bread on the waters. If your calling is of God it will be there long after you left the fellowship. If it were gone then it wasn't from God in the first place and you are better off for knowing that. 

      One more point. Have you ever beeen assaulted by the verse, 'Many are called but few are chosen?' Go and read it and as you do ask yourself what is the context of the verse? You will find out that it has absolutely nothing to do with being called to preach or any other ministry. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance remember? The Potters House destiny is like the Potters House salvation. It is so fragile. Yo could lose it with one wrong move. Better get your heart right. Better do all your headship tells you otherwise the big bad God will cast you aside as you so richly deserve. What a con job. What a bunch of crooks and liars. These religious devils hijack your salvation and do and say everything they can to hold you hostage. You put up with years of barren religion, years of harsh pugnatious ministry, demanding schedules and unhealthy control. Why? Because they've got you scared of losing your destiny. The whole thing is corrupt. Your not being led by the Spirit of God but by the spirit of fear. How long will you continue to live in such a substandard and unnatural way? Do you really believe that this is what God had planned for you?  

      The early leaders of the reformation were told that there was no salvation outside the Roman church. The non conformists were imprisoned and told they would be rejected in the resurrection of the dead and that the official church had the power to do that. Today their are churches that hold your salvation and your supposed destiny by the short and curlies. Jean Paul Rosseau once said that 'man is born free but everywhere is in chains.' You claim to be born again and free in Christ but are you? How free are you when a certain church holds your very destiny in it's hands? You're not free at all. You're just another religious slave. Without fear they would have no hold on you. You need to reject it as the unhealthy unbiblical, unrighteous and downright immoral control that it is. You were born free but are a slave to fear. That is not the way God or any rational human being would want you to live. It's how the fellowship wants you to live and that should speak volumes to you about how much of this organisation really is about God's supposed destiny for your life.


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