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Why people stay - Revival is coming

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  • kenhaining777
    Here is a post by naboth675 from Slam the Door on the Potter s House. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slamthedoor_on_the_pottershouse/ Why People Stay - Revival
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2006

      Here is a post by naboth675 from Slam the Door on the Potter's House. 



      Why People Stay - Revival is Coming.

      LIFE at a fellowship church can be understood as one long search for 'revival'. This is what the whole movement seems to be set on achieving. Much of what we were exposed to in it's preaching was to mentaly prepare us for revival. It was designed to get us to 'believe for revival'. We were told repeatedly in no uncertain terms that revival only came to those who were...1/ believing for it.  2/praying for it.  3/ witnessing for it.

      Every pioneer church is planted into a city as God's answer for the city's spiritual need. Other churches in that city are hardly ever mentioned except in a negative sense. You really get the impression that the Potters House church you are in IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR SALVATION FOR THAT HELL BOUND CITY. Everything is explained according to divine appointment. Scriptures are used to emphasise that the time is coming and now is when God will pour out his Spirit on all flesh {Providing it is pentecostal flesh and that flesh is being faithful to the pattern as laid down by Prescott}. Further emphasis is put on the idea that the return of Christ is extremely close and we are running out of time. We are part of the great last days harvest. One more big push and that will be it. This is our last chance so there is no time to waste. Better gte your seat belts on because this is going to be one 'helluva' ride on the waves of revival. God's going to do something the world has never seen the likes of before.

      You can see why a person doesn't want to leave. If they leave they may miss this great revival. The trouble is that when you are in for a significant period of time you begin to wonder where on earth this supposed revival is. They have a strategy for this. There is a time and a season and you don't know when exactly that is but you are told to keep witnessing because at some point there is going to be a breakthrough. Trumpet reports monthly testify of other fellowship churches who have experienced that elusive 'breakthrough' your church is looking for. You hear about them at conference as well to a chorus of applause and cheers. It is hard not to be swept up in the excitement of it all.

      The problem is that these reports are often misleading and usually deliberately so. You don't realise the awful pressure put on these pastors to get results. They are desperate for something to say at conference. They can hardly get up on the stage and report that nothing much happened can they. Especially given the hugely expectant atmosphere and the hype of the last conference where we were promised 'revival is around the corner'. The pastor is expected to justify his position just as the sales employee has to at his annual performance review. Thus we get reports of 40 people saved at a concert, 35 visitors to a revival and people coming into the church every other service. What you are not told is that none of the so called conversions at the concert resulted in any more people coming to church, almost all of the 35 visitors at the revival were from several neighbouring Potters House churches who are obliged to lend their support to such events and the visitors to almost every service are not staying. The church may be at exactly the same number as it was two years ago.

      Have you ever noticed how not every church gives a report at conference. Reports are selected and struggling pastors may have to wait to give a report having been passed over for another man who can at least boast of getting 20 out to a concert even if nobody got locked into the church. If he can testify of a visitor getting healed in a service then that is a good report. Trust me on this one. I've been on countless impact teams and time and again the reality in the church is different to the report on the stage. In fact I've been to churches which are supposed to be inundated with new converts and we were the only ones on the streets. Several times I have heard the question, where is the church we are doing this impact team for? The truth is that they are a tiny band of people who despite tha fact that we have travelled nearly a hundred miles to witness for their church could not even get out of bed and walk down the road to give out leaflets. That's the reality on the streets. I've even heard complaints coming from memebrs of the Walthamstow impact teams asking where all the converts have gone that they won on their previous impact teams. {Some of these guys werereferencing back to converts prayed with over five years of impact teams. No wonder they asked why they saw no new faces in the church!} 

      Ask yourself a simple question. Count up how many impact teams you have been on over the years and how many people you have prayed with. Now how many of those people are still in those churches today? Can you see now how the victory report your impact team leader gives on sunday and the reality are a world apart?

      Prophecy is also used. How many of those prophecies have come to pass? They will always play for time so you are left thinking if I leave now I may miss it. I have heard so many sermons where illustrations are given where a man gave up just before the water came out of the pipe or gave up and died in the desert when an oasis was just over the next hill. 'Revival is round the corner' is a classic hook. It is the same mentality as a skiver who is always begging you for money and telling you that he is waiting for an insurance payment to come through with the promise that he will see you right. The truth is that he is a jobless bozo who would rather scrounge than work and as long as there are suckers like you around he sees no reason why he should change. 

      That's a good picture of some fellowship pastors. They live off the backs of their congregations pushing them for more and more money telling them that if they will give then THIS time it will release revival into their lives. HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO FALL FOR THAT. One more time, then one more time and again one more time. It's always one more time. The truth is that you have invested so much that you feel you can't turn back now. In your mind it would hurt you more to cut your losses and move on. In reality if you don't move on now you will lose a whole lot more with nothing to show for it. Face it, your being fleeced.

      Have you noticed how revival is linked to your giving? As long as there is no revival you have to give more to get revival and as long as you give more the pastor will pull the same stunt to get money. Why? Because it works. If a beggar says give me money for drink and you say no and then he says give me money for ciggarettes and the person says no then he says I need money to feed my wife and three kids and you hand it over guess what he's going to say next time? He's going to use what works. Your pastor is no different. Revival and the promise of it is a great way to get money. As long as that carrot is dangled just out of reach you can get the most stubborn of donkeys to trot along for miles while the rider sits comfortably on it's back getting a free ride. The congregation end up being one of the fellowships many donkey rides. All because you are chasing the carrot of revival that is constantly dangled before you. {not to mention the stick of condemnatiuon they beat you with mercilessly} 

      Now revival is linked to witnessing but have you noticed how the pastor pushes people to witness more and more? Have you noticed how the guilt trips start coming in if you are not on saturday outreach? The pastor promises revival and when it doesn't come it is your fault. You need to get out there and witness more and you know something else? If you do actually manage to win several people who stay for any length of time the pastor will declare it evidence that God has indeed brought revival and that you need to continue because these are just the 'first fruits'. 

      No revival. You get the blame. People gat saved. God gets the credit. Now I'm not saying that God shouldn't get the credit {for a true revival anyway} but the Potters House can be understood better if you see it for what it is. A multi level religious marketing scam. Your pastor is desperately trying to make his slice of the franchise work. He's sold several units of his product to people like you and me and now he's pushing us to get more customers for himself with the promise that if we do well enough we might have a slice of the franchise ourselves one day. 

      I may sound skeptical but I am speaking from experience. The Potters House is actually shrinking. There are many more EX memebrs in the world today than there are members in it. Over 95% of people led through a sinners prayer never make it to baptism and the majority of those baptised are out the door before the year is up. Those who continue to discipleship will usually last between 3 and 10 years before they go as well. Those that stay beyond that are a small minority. Of those that have pastored probably half are no longer pastoring today. Given that these men answered a supposed call of God on their lives it shouldn't be too hard to figure this one out! The rot even goes right up the the board of leaders established by Wayman Mitchell himself. {This is supposed to be the highest authority in the whole fellowship. Even Mitchell himself is said to be accountable to them - Of course you'll do well to question everything they say.} Of the original board of leaders all but one have left the fellowship. Only Harold Warner remains and he has lost his place on the board. 

      The vast majority of churches are so small that the pastors have to work a secular job just to keep their heads above water and many have been doing just that for years. Of those who do get a wage from the congregation they have succeeded by bleeding an inordinate amount of cash from a very small group of people. Ernie Toppin is a classic example of that.

      In short there is always something that they will link to revival to make you hang on that little bit more. There will always be something you are not doing or something that is 'just around the corner' and you can virtually guarantee that the pastor will testify that he felt a breakthrough in the spiritual realm even when nothing happened outwardly and three months later there is still nothing. {They'll probably blame that on the devil. He's so powerful you know! Apparently he can even stop God's revival!}

      This is not just faith it is blind faith. It is not just blind faith it is faith in a man and his words and that man is saying what Prescott has taught him to say. What you are not told is that many people in Prescott itself are now asking what is wrong with the fellowship and why it isn't growing. One of the fellowship's favourite pastors, John Spurgeon, questioned why it was that we were claiming to be a powerful move of God when we were boasting of a thousand churches. He said "I was hearing that as far back as 1989" 

      As long as you believe revival is around the corner you will stay. All I can say is that it's either a stinkin' big corner or there really is no revival coming. It's time to disabuse your self of the myth, get out and to something fruitful with your life. You owe it to God and you owe it to yourself too. It's either that or waste it chasing a crock of fools gold at the end of a fellowship rainbow. 


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