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Re: Quotes from Chuck Swindoll

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  • kenhaining777
    At one point while I was pastoring in the fellowship I decided to stay after prayer meetings and pray alone and read my Bible just for myself. As it turned
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2005

      At one point while I was pastoring in the fellowship I decided to stay after prayer meetings and pray alone and read my Bible just for myself.  As it turned out, I ended up leaving right around the time that Chuck Swindoll had his program on the Christian radio station in my area.  So, I started listening to him most every week day. 

      I was very impressed with the amount of Bible that he packed into his lessons.  I found his teaching style so much better than the rant and rave style of the fellowship.  Swindoll, as is made obvious by the quotes you posted, is big on grace.  At one point I went out and bought his book, which was new at the time, The Grace Awakening.  There were a lot of things in it that I liked.  What was disturbing, however, was his description of the Pharisees.  He descibed them as those who had a religious sneer.  He countered that with Jesus having a look that made sinners comfortable approaching Him.  I could not escape the fact that the fellowship I was a part of was just like the Pharisees, and not like Jesus.

      I still think that if you can get a fellowship person to read that book that there is a good chance that they would be able to see these same things.  The problem is that fellowship people are told that Swindoll is an evil false teacher.  I remember one leader telling me that he was not saved.  Another leader told me he was an idiot.  I remember telling one fellowship guy how much I liked the book and he curled his lip, literally, and sneered and said, "Doesn't he believe in eternal security?"  That just confirmed what I thought. 

      Reading those quotes reminded me of reading that book.  If you are in the fellowship still, take the time to read through it with an open mind.  You might be pleasantly surprised to find out that Y'shua, Jesus, is a lot more gracious, and lot less judgmental, than you have been led to believe.



      "Legalism is an attitude, a mentality – an obsessive conformity to a standard for the purpose of exalting self".

      >  >

      "We as a nation will fight other nations for our national liberty, but we will give up our Christian liberty without a fight. Amazing"

      >  >

      "We will listen to their lists and for the sake of peace at any price, even though it is slavery, we will agree with their lists so they will think well of us."

      >  >

      "Legalism rips off the joy of the Lord from the believer"

      >  >

      "A Christian under law is a miserable parody of the real thing".

      >  >

      "Legalism is a killer. It kills congregations when the pastor is a legalist. Legalism causes

      believers to be cramped, dull, gloomy, somber & listless".

      >  >

      "Nothing disturbs a legalist like the doctrine of grace".

      >  >

      "It is for freedom that Christ set us free. Freedom is liberty FROM slavery and bondage.

      Freedom from God's wrath. Freedom from sins power and guilt. Freedom from the tyranny of commands to perform to please God. Freedom of the fear of condemnation. Freedom from the demands of other people. Freedom from slavery to human opinion."

      >  >

      "Freedom TO enjoy the rights and privileges of being out of slavery. Freedom to become all God meant me to be regardless of how He leads other people. God isn't stamping out little Christians who all look alike, talk alike, act alike, same vocabulary, and same ministry. God is pleased with variety. We have the freedom to be. Freedom to make choices. Freedom to obey His leading. Once you've tasted it, you'll never want anything else."

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