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For Those Looking for The Slam

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  • kenhaining777
    Hello to those who are looking around the internet for what I call, The Slam . Almost six years ago an internet message board was started by a couple who had
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2005

      Hello to those who are looking around the internet for what I call, "The Slam".  Almost six years ago an internet message board was started by a couple who had left the Wayman O. fellowship, aka, the Potter's House Christian Fellowship ministries, sometimes called the Door or a few other names.  The message board was for those who had also left the fellowship, and who felt, as this couple did, that this fellowship was not what we had thought it was.  An amazing number of people began to vent about their experiences of being in and getting out of this cultish group.  There was an incredible consistency to the stories that people told of their experiences in that group.  Some posted only a few times.  Some stayed for months or even years.  Many, many others simply read the message board without ever joining. 

      The message board also produced some angry reactions from current fellowship members.  There were even a couple of pastors who used to post on it.  One them became bitter and angry when some of his "disciples" read the board and left his church.  He then called the site "spiritual pornography."  The other so called pastor ended up emailing some of the women on the site with other than Christian intent.  He was eventually removed from his church when members of his congregation found out about his activities.

      Some members of these fellowship churches also posted from time to time, many times demonstrating the qualities that made us so glad that we were not part of it any more. 

      At one point there were some trying to trace out members of Slam the Door, especially those who did not want to be known.  I had actually posted for a few people who were afraid that this would one day happen.  What we would do is set up a yahoo ID for them, and then they would email posts to me, and I would cut and paste them to their Yahoo account and post them from my location.  Indeed there was an attempt made to find these people, and some traced to an IP address that I, and hundreds of thousands of others, were using.  However, it did give them a completely false impression of who these people really were, and where they were really located.  We found it hilarious that they thought they were all me.  (I have so many personalities, you know?)

      However, there were some who genuinely concerned about being found out.  Therefore the decision was made to take the Slam the Door message board down.  I had already started another site, Escape From the Fellowship.


      That is the link, if you are interested.  The reason I started the Escape From the Fellowship message board was to have a message board that I hoped those who had left the fellowship, and who were no longer Christian believers, could come to to share their experiences.  I also welcome Christians, and hoped we could examine where we all landed after being trapped in Wayman's World. The message board has, so far, remained mostly Christian, and there is a decent amount of posting going on.  So feel free to stop by.  Those defending the fellowship are not who I am looking for.  They have consistently banned exmembers from their internet sites, so they can hang out at those. 

      So, my message board was not set up in response to the original Slam the Door message board being taken down.  That was done because some were in earnest about not being found out as to who they really are.  Considering how vicious the fellowship is towards exmembers, that is understandable.  I personally don't care if they know who I am, as is evidenced by my internet name.  Not hard to figure out who I am.  But some really don't want that, and that's OK.

      There are three other internet message boards you might want to check out, if you are looking for The Slam.  One is Naboth's, which is based in England.  That is Slam the Door on the Potter's House.  Another is Loki's Potting Shed.  And another has a slightly modified name of Slam the Door, as far as the internet name goes.







      Those are the links, of course.  This message board has had virtually no activity, but we created it so that if anyone is searching for the old Slam the Door site, they will be able to find these others.  If people started really posting here, then we would be happy to respond.  However, the other sites are doing fairly well, and so you might want to read and/or post on those. 

      As far as using different internet names, I have done that.  There was one name I shared with another ex member.  I let him use it, as I had created it and posted with it a few times.  I then created a counter part to back him up in all his fellowship ways.  But then he got the notion to act as though he was becoming open to exmembers, and maybe getting close leaving himself.  The accusation that this was all evil deception has no basis in reality.  We were merely depicting what we had been like when we were in the cesspool of religion called the Potter's House.  So, in a sense, we were reinacting our past.  It is sadly funny that some of the religious maggots who accused us have themselves used various internet names.  Hypocrisy to the end with that group.

      I did use a few names during the years with Slam where I made out like I was still a Christian.  The home page said, "All Christians Welcome," and since I was no longer a believer, I felt somewhat out of place.  I had gone through a second shunning after the first one by the fellowship.  When I told some other exmembers that I was no longer a believer, they cut me off.  But finally I settled on being who I was.  Sometimes there was friction, but most of the time it was good to be there. 

      So, if you are looking for The Slam, we are still around.  Again, feel free to stop by these other sites to read, or to post, or both. Christians and non Christians are welcome on Escape From the Fellowship.  The other sites are pretty much Christian, although Loki's probably has the greatest tolerance of all.  See you around the internet.

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