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593One From Way Back

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  • Ken
    Mar 25, 2012

      The following message is from Escape From the Fellowship


      The author dates back to the beginning days of the fellowship of Wayman O. Mitchell, and he recounts the fact that Wayman's religion includes breaking up marriages if one of the spouses decides to leave the church.  This practice continues to this day, and reveals that Wayman and his "men" really do consider the people in the churches to be "human resources."


      I was converted in 1971 at the little church on Lincoln street. Back when Steve
      Heroux, Walter Portugal, Curt Mckinney and Ron Burrell were the band Eden. I
      went to the church when it was a part of the Foursquare Gospel Church. I Believe
      when I first accepted Jesus that the church was really experiencing a move of
      God. When Wayman got his hooks into it, it took on a different context. I was
      married to Janet Foley and Jeremy Foley is my biological son. I was at the time
      being groomed to go into the ministry. Mike Mastin was my best friend and the
      best man at my wedding.

      When I started spending time with Wayman in a different
      space the one experienced by the one's on the inner circle. I started to see
      things that I could not believe were being done by someone I thought was a
      powerful man of God. It was at this time that God began to talk to me and tell
      me that things were not the same, as they were when I first accepted Jesus. When I left the church Wayman took my wife and child from me. I found out then just how much control Wayman had over everyone. Scripture such as my yoke is easy and my burden is light. And there is now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, started to speak to me.

      When I took a stand againt him I lost everything
      including my family. I didn't realize who he thought he was, until he told my mom
      who was a christian for over thirty years, that he wouldn't allow me to take one
      of little girls from him. He was talking about my wife Janet, who I didn't
      relize was his to do anything with. When my mom said she had never heard of a
      pastor breaking up a marriage. His reply to her was well you've heard of it now

      I couldn't believe I was losing my family because of the control this man
      had over everyone. I have struggled constantly with my faith and tring to find a
      church where I don't start questioning things. I don't know if there are people
      here that go that far back or not. I am just looking for people who might
      understand what I went through,and am still going through. Thank you for your'e
      time. This is just a portion of my story. I gave up alot when I walked away but,
      I just couldn't live the lie.