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  • Ken
    Jul 30, 2011
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      Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      Here is a post by mrs_slammo, the wife of the couple that started the Slam the Door message board.  Most of her posts were responses to what was written on Slam the Door, and the other message boards she visited.  She pretty much ran the message board, while her husband, called mr_slammo, ran the website by the same name. 

      In this instance, mrs_slammo is writing over on the Cracked Pots message board.  The issue of the time was the split that took place in the fellowship in 2000 and 2001, which included the departure of Bill Coolidge, and Hank Houghton. 


      Hello Cracked Pots!

      I visited your web site and saw that you had posted the letters from
      the Coolidge/Houghton debacle of 2 years ago.

      I had forgotten how humorous it was to see all these CFM guys calling
      each other arrogant. That is just tooooo funny. Fact is, on that
      issue, they were all correct! Hopefully with the passage of the past
      2 1/2 years, some humility has been learned by some of the parties

      Another favorite part of the whole thing was asking Coolidge to step
      down and then telling him he could pioneer again. Say what? He is
      not fit to pastor as long as the crowd is over 100? 200? 300? Um,
      I'm confused.

      I think if he did go out to pioneer again, the powers that be would
      have tried their best to make sure he didn't succeed. He wouldn't
      have been sent out but banished. My opinion.

      Oh, my second favorite part is when Coolidge is accused of forcing
      the board's hand to make it look like he was forced out so he could
      be a hero when in fact, CFM's stand is that Coolidge removed his
      church from the CFM. Now, why does that sound so familiar to me?
      Hm....maybe it is what WM did when he left Foursquare?

      WM....Your disciples learned very well from you. It would be good to
      leave that issue dead unless you want your own history reviewed for
      what it truly is. Hm?


      January 26, 2003