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  • Ken
    Jul 19, 2011
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      This is a cross post from the group Escape From the Fellowship



      This is a post by George Potkonyak in response to someone writing that the reason that the Old Testament Israelites drank wine and strong drink was because the water in the Promised Land was so awful, and caused disease, etc.  This is a typical non Biblical doctrine of Wayman Mitchell's fellowship, and George answered it quite succinctly.


      [I thought the reason they drank wine in the first place, be it
      fermented or juice, was because the water wasn't potable in that
      time... You could drink it but chances were it would make you ill?]

      Another perverted myth invented by our "Christian leaders" in order to get
      us obey their commandments rather than God's commandments.

      Firstly, look at the offerings that God commanded Israelites to offer to
      Him: WINE! Real wine; the same one that made Noah drunk. Is that because
      God would get ill if He drank water that was not "portable"?

      Secondly, you cannot quench thirst with wine. Soon you would become
      dehidrated if you didn't drink water.

      So, give my hugs to those who told you the myth and tell them that I said
      that they are liars - "christian" liars, that is, if that is what will make
      them less cross with me.



      September 4, 2005