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  • Ken
    Jul 13, 2011

      This is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      This post was by rahabsplace, Patsy Eastwood.  Patsy was one of the charter members of the Slam the Door message board, and a moderator there.  Over the years she trailed off posting on the message boards, but would still stop in from time to time.  This was her last post on Escape From the Fellowship, posted exactly a month before she passed away on July 9, 2009.  As usual, she was offering encouragement to someone who had left Wayman's World.


      Hi Abigail!

      Welcome! I'm glad you escaped from Wayman's World.

      Your name, Abigail, means "Her Father's joy," and that is how the Father looks
      at you. YOU are His joy. Scripture says that it was for the JOY set before Him that Jesus endured the cross, and you are part of that joy! You are part of His reward!

      The Fellowship never taught us to walk in the overwhelming, abounding love that
      the Father has for us. You know, the Father was on watch for the Prodigal. The
      Father fell at his feet and cried before the prodigal ever spoke a word of
      repentance. It was all about the love the Father had for his son, even his
      sinful, messed up son. He didn't make him live outside the house for six months
      before he could come home. He didn't put him on behavior probation. The Father
      slaughtered the fattened calf and celebrated the return of his son with great

      God is not looking for ways to punish us. He is looking for ways to extend more
      grace to us so we can become more like Jesus.

      I'm sorry that your marriage ended. I'm even more sorry that you gave 21 years of your life to the Cult of Wayman. But God is in the business of restoration and scripture promises in Joel 2:25 That I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten.

      This is a hard time for you, but truly there is so much more for you ahead than
      what you have left behind. The fellowship gave you a life of bondage, and Jesus
      died that you may be free.

      I'm divorced and was the single mom, but that was long after I was out of
      Wayman's World. It's not easy under the best of circumstances to be that.

      Understand that in the fellowship everyone is disposable, not just you. They
      loose people every day and don't think twice about them. People are just human
      resources, easily replaced.


      June 9, 2009



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