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  • Ken
    Jul 12, 2011

      Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      This post is by a woman who lives in Australia who went by the name, theprincessa181.  She was in the Australian church pastored by Larry Huch, one of the fellowship "superstars," although he was never officially made a leader.  Huch left the fellowship in 1990 when he was told he could not associate with the pastors who left in the 1990 exodus led by Ron Jones.  He currently is a hyper "prosperity" type preacher.  If you want to check out his website:


      In this post, thepricessa181 notes the sensitivity that many, if not most, Christians have to debating their faith, even in a non aggressive way.  That is something that I have noted as well.


      It always surprises me how some Christians get really defensive and take it
      personally when you question their beliefs. I don't understand the harm in a
      little debate and yet these Christians can become quite vitriolic towards anyone
      who dares not to agree with them. Do they feel like its a personal attack? Do
      they somehow feel like it undermines their faith? I know in the PH we were
      warned from talking to anyone who wasn't a Christian about different faiths or
      lack thereof. Does the mere act of debating, somehow weakens a Christian's
      resolve? I genuinely want to understand.

      I used to work with a guy who converted and became a Buddhist monk. He even
      sometimes came to work in the office in his orange robes. I used to joke around
      with him and tease him lightly about it. Stuff like offering him a steak
      sandwich etc. He always took it in the spirit it was meant in. Because he was
      such a nice guy, I also had more in depth conversation with him about his
      conversion. He was not threatened by my disbelief. He knew what he believed in
      and nothing anyone could say would have swayed him. Why can't the majority of
      Christians be like that?? Or is their faith too shaky to risk it??


      April 15, 2009