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  • Ken
    Jul 7, 2011

      Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      This post was written by Jim Davis, restlessw.  He only posted 4 times here, as far as I know, and had been on Slam the Door previously.  His story is all too familiar. 


      It seems as if the same holds true on the local level. I remember
      sitting in revivals and conferences with the like of Jack Harris, ROn
      Jones and Hank Houghton and thinking that if I was to get anywhere I
      had to emulate these men--not just in what they were saying but how
      they said it, how they dressed, the inflection and tone in their
      voice. Most people that I recall hearing as a young disciple, all
      sounded familiarly similar-much like my own pastor at the time (kevin
      Foley). WM was somewhat of an unapproachable diety to those of us who
      were not brought up in the Prescott church. Because he remained so,
      it was our commitment to our local pastor that was the determining
      factor in how far we could go in this move of God. The commitment
      level was kept extremely high, with all the church services,
      revivals, outreaches, concerts and conferences. It was difficult for
      me as a single person, it was amazing many marriages survived. Being
      brought up in a church in a military town, it was customary to serve
      your time then get out. Because of the emphasis on the end times and
      the rapid return of Jesus, all future plans were to be based on how
      important they were to seeing the move of God in the city. For some
      of us, that meant not taking part in education, a decision I still
      regret to this day. For others, it meant forgoing a military career
      and working at a local job just to make ends meet. After all, Jesus
      was coming back soon so we wouldn't be here long anyway.
      After a while, at least for me ,the contradictions became too obvious
      to ignore. While TV was outlawed, I knew of several disciples in
      leadership that kept TV in their clostes in the bedroom far from the
      pastors prying eyes. After the 90 split, I heard people referred to
      as reprobates that just a short time earlier had been "god's man of
      power for the hour". So I found out that loyalty to Mitch, as you
      have so well stated in this thread is the utmost thing, as well as
      loyalty to your local pastor.
      CFM thrives on slander especially towards those who leave the flock.
      In order for a person to feel good about themselves, they have to be
      convinced that others are worse off. And if one of those that are
      worse off is someone who was previously a great friend and confidant,
      it just nurtures that superiority complex all the more. Besides, with
      your best friend out of the picture, thats just one less person that
      you have to contend with for a leadership position. So I think that
      what happens in the fellowship as a whole, occurs much more
      frequently on a local level. It just doesn't get quite the press that
      Prescott does.


      July 22, 2005