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  • Ken
    Jul 5, 2011

      Here is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      Lealad, Coleen, came over when Slam the Door shut down.  She pretty much stated that she was a Calvanist, eternal security, destined to be saved or damned, type Christian.  She didn't last long here on Escape, as her particular doctrinal positions inspired debate from both the Christian and non Christian sides. 

      In this post, she is quoting me and responding.


      Ken said, 'Calvin wasn't just a fallen man and comparing him to
      David is not sensible to me. He was an evil man, but considered a
      father of the reformation. Yuck!'

      He also said, 'The Protestants try to put all the unjust killings
      by the church on the Catholics, but the witch burnings that the
      Protestants did were totally wicked. All in the name of God and

      Well, what about all the hospitals that are started by people in the
      name of Christ? How many hospitals or colleges have been started by
      atheists? I bet far fewer! Why not consider those things when
      deciding to be 'put off' by religion?

      I had a friend who's family had to escape communism because her
      older sister hummed a Christian song at school. They knew their
      family would have been destroyed had they stayed and under torture
      they would have probably given up the names of other 'evil'
      believers to the atheist communists.

      Why don't you hate atheists because of communism and the evils that
      has produced? Communists did evil things because of their NON-
      belief in God. And I would bet that communist governments have
      killed WAY more than the witch burners!

      I have heard many atheists and agnostics sneer, almost quite
      literally, when they talk about the superstitious beliefs of the
      religious. Why is that not a turn off?

      Again, Ken. The problem is not religion. It is human behavior!
      People kill in the name of their RACE, RELIGION, STREET ADDRESS,
      TRIBE, COUNTRY, SEXUAL PREFERENCES, etc...You name it and people
      will do evil things for whatever reason they can come up with.

      I bet if you looked honestly enough you could find some astrologers
      who use astrology to cheat gullible people out of money.

      Perhaps you ought to just cast your 'indignation' at people in
      general and just check out of the human race instead of just
      religion? (making a point and not asking you to kill yourself!)



      May 16, 2005