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  • Ken
    Jul 1, 2011
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      This is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      Here's an example of someone who posted only once.  She mentioned that she used to post on Slam the Door, and so I wonder if she stopped writing here when she noticed that there were some non Christian points of view being expressed?  She had already been out for 7 and a half years when she did her one post back in 2006.  Perhaps she just simply got past it all, and left the filth of Waymanland behind.

      Here is the post from Michelle, hockey4auntiem.


      I just wanted to say hello, and I am glad I have taken the time to
      investigate into this sight. it has been a while since I was even
      on "slam the door" and slowly but surely I will make it to the point
      that I won't come and visit when feeling like a beaten dog. 7 1/2 years
      out, and sometimes it still affects our lives. It does get easier by
      the day, and as time goes by I realize that most of my "friends" from
      the fellowship weren't true friends, I am not saying they were not my
      friends at the time, it was just conditional on their part, conditional
      on their thoughts of my salvation.

      I can say I am glad that I was not in w. mitchells circle, however we
      all know what he says and decides is Gold... too bad his pastors can't
      think for themselves and are scared to stand up to the wrath so they

      I keep remeinding myself that he is accountable for what he does...
      just like I am accountable for my own actions.

      Have a great Thursday!


      March 9, 2006