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556Writers of the Past

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  • Ken
    Jun 21 4:48 PM

      This is a cross post from the group, Escape From the Fellowship



      We have had quite a few people pass through this message board, and just post for a bit, or even a couple of years, and then vanish.  Typically, people don't say goodbye here.  They just stop writing.  I have often wondered about these folks, and how their post fellowship lives have gone. 

      As time permits, I am going to put up a few posts of some of these writers of the past. 

      The following post was done by Gerttie_98.  As far as I know, this person only posted 4 times.  This is the first post that Gerttie_98 wrote:


      The beliefs that PH believed in were absurd. They believed that
      they had the remedy of what it took to get to Heaven. They also
      talked about other religions, besides one, in which they agreed that
      this one reminded them of their own faith. I witnessed and
      witnessed, almost got a ticket for witnessing in a mall, got into
      debates with civilians, pleaded with my family and friends to come
      to PH, because they would be saved and make Heaven their home. Two
      people I knew died and I actually tried to get them to come to PH,
      but they never came I cried and cried because I believed that their
      soul was lost to Hell, pleading why.

      Although, I witnessed concerning others religions, I can honestly
      say that I didn't know exactly what our beliefs were at PH. I want
      to know if anyone knows the exact statement of faith or the closest
      thing to it?

      (Yashava)- Jesus please guide us

      July 15, 2006