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538Letting Go

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  • abused_in_fl
    May 5, 2010
      My husband was asked to leave VC almost 2 years ago now. He was asked to leave because of moral issues, but the thing is....we found another church, went talked to the Pastor and he really helped my husband. We have had no issues since. The new church has really helped us both, of course VC constantly talks about our church and us.My questioning is, could it have been spiritual, the things that he did? We met in the chuch and dated in the church and got married in the church(church meaning Victory Chapel). Of course we had problems from the get go, because we had no time for each other, then we added a couple of kids. The things that my husband fell into, I am hearing now that it has happened to others in the same church, by the same women. One of these women are still there and she is the worst. Is it common amongst other CFC churches or just the one I attended. I had a hard time, I had been in that church from the time I was 16 until we left...I was 32. My husband and I really doing well, we have recovered and getting to know each other again. I have forgiven him, but I can't seem to let it go on the part VC played. Before, he was asked to leave, we had continual issues of the same manor. I was supposed to forgive them both and move on in ministries together like nothing happened. To see her in plays and dramas etc. But, I was being called a Jezebel over the pulpit and my husband of sat down and made to feel...there are no words to describe how they made him feel.How do you just let it go?
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