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523PH pastor Threaterns legal action

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  • miguel_hayworth
    Aug 10, 2009
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      Dear Editors of First Plumbline Apologetics,

      My name is Pastor John Onelum

      You have several 'untrue' articles about me and the church I currently pastor on your website.


      I hereby write to inform you that I did not give consent to any of the authors (or any one acting on your behalf) to take pictures of me, or conduct any research on our worship service with the intention of publishing it on the world wide web.

      I find it very disturbing, that a 'Christian' organisation (as you purport yourselves to be) will post information on your site without a 'consent/permission' policy. Are you aware that this is not only an unfair (and unchristian) practice, but it has legal implications as well?

      I will be seeking legal advice and a way forward on this matter if you do not remove every image and reference to my name off your site in the next 24hrs (before close of play tomorrow Tuesday 11th August 2009)

      Kind regards,

      John Onelum
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