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520The Door in The Netherlands

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  • laurabrokke
    Jun 28, 2009
      Hello, im Laura, 30 years old from the Netherlands. My husband and i have been to the Door church twice. Its on the other side of our street so we thought; lets have a look there! We first went to 'de kerk van de Nazarener' but thats a church with a lot of members so we were looking fore some 'smaller' church. Lots of mebers is a good thing, but when you are new its difficult to get to know the people if you know what i mean. In the Door church the people were very nice and askt us a lot of things, we thought that was nice because they liked us for who we are. But now on the internet i read so much bad stuf about CFM/the Door and i don't want to go there anymore. We also have a baby who is 5 month old and i feel guilty for bringing him there twice with us. Maybe someone can tell me more about why some people say that The Door is a cult/sect.
      I hope you all unsterstand my message cause my English is not that good.
      Greetings Laura
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