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  • kenhaining777
    May 11, 2009
      Miguel said:

      [Hi Ken

      I heard Nick Sayers left the PH recently and went to check it out, he
      did refute
      the PH as a church and got the impression that he would consider
      returning to
      the PH.]

      Hi Miguel.

      Nick now says that it is the entire section of the fellowship that has
      been taken over and hijacked by liars and hirelings. He says that
      Haagensen, Gunton, and Creemers are all corrupt and need to be removed.
      When he called Wayman on it, Wayman told him to look to Creemers to
      resolve the disputes. Nick, however, has written off Creemers as one of
      the lying hirelings, and has excused Wayman for not removing these guys
      as Wayman has too much to do right now.

      Nick has basically stated that Vicary messed up the Australian Potters
      House and that it will take quite some time to repair it. Nick says he
      will not go back to the Potters House unless all three, Haagensen,
      Gunton, and Creemers, are removed.

      Wayman had to leave Perth for a couple of weeks to get his visa
      straightened out, but is back in Australia now. He seems more intent on
      making sure he secures the church property than anything else. David
      Vicary has opened up a church down the road and has more people coming
      than Wayman does.

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