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  • sarah.magele
    Apr 25, 2008
      Hi there Ken, I dont know if you remember me or not, I was a poster on
      the original slam the door site about 4years ago now(has it really
      been that long?!!)... Alot has happened since then and for some
      reason,I had the impulse to check you guys out again..only to find the
      original site gone, and a site claiming us all to be 10 posters
      instead of the numerous on there etc etc. You can say I'm pretty
      nonplussed! lol
      How are you Ken and what the heck is going on? Or went on? I cant
      believe its been 4 years since I posted my sob story about the potters
      house here in NZ. FOUR YEARS!!! Needless to say, although I am quite
      over what they did, I am still disgusted and saddened by the
      continuity of their fellowship of spiritual abuse. No other word for
      it is there? An update- the sister who joined the pottershouse in
      hamilton, got married to an australian potters house member after her
      pastor(the infamous scott mcgrath) told her it was 'God's Will'. She
      was then shipped off to Australia where she now resides with her husband.
      She is 23. We are still estranged.
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