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475Re: slam the door

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  • kenhaining777
    Feb 16, 2008
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      [I am forever grateful to slam the door. The site helped me through the
      really hard time of leaving a door church. There is so much pain for
      the entire family. Slam was there for us. I want to reinstate it somehow.

      Is there anyway to get it back up. It was really wonderful. I don't
      know if I would have gotten through without slam.]


      Generally, this is just a message board to help people who are looking for Slam the Door find the message boards that are still active.  The two main ones are



      I have asked Ms. Slam about starting the message board back up, but after five years of putting in an enormous amount of time and effort she has "retired."  She did a very good job, and the above message boards are not quite the same.  However, feel free to check them out. 





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