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471More on Child Abuse in Wayman's World

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  • kenhaining777
    Dec 1, 2007

      Here is a post by catlady stacy from Slam the Door on the Fellowship


      ---I was told many times as a teenager, that I was not too old for a
      spanking. I recall getting a couple as a younger teen. I suppose many
      parents were only following what the fellowship told them. After a
      while our punishment was punching, shoving, or slapping in the face.
      I remember the adults sitting around telling glory stories about
      measures they had taken to curb our behaviour. It was almost
      glorified if you had to be physical with your child.
      My mother even tried to grab me and discipline me once at church
      when I was about 20yrs old. We were always being threatened with the
      whole honour thy father and mother quote, or if you stike an elder
      you would be cursed, etc... So self defense is a sin. I don't think
      they were bad people, they were just head over hills, on fire
      for "God" which meant doing everything the fellowship way without
      question. It really took me standing up to them and saying "go ahead
      do it, but you better make sure I am dead", before they really backed
      Cfm promotes anger and violence towards everyone including
      children. It is a toxic religion. They don't promote sexual abuse,
      but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Coming out about it would
      only mean more humiliation and embarrassment for the children
      involved. Especially since people would have been more likely to
      believe the adults, or accuse us of doing something to encourage it.