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439Human Resources

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  • kenhaining777
    Nov 2, 2006

      A while back someone mentioned a document that Lord Wayman the First is having pastors and leaders sign.  The purpose of this document is to have control of all churches and their resources, and to force any pastor who wants to leave the fellowship to surrender the church without a fight.  The document specifies the surrender of both physical and human resources, according to what we were told.

      The idea of mentioning human resources is interesting, and I have mocked that ever since I heard it.  This shows Wayman's real view of people in his churches.  They are resources.  They are HIS resources.  This would mean that a pastor would not only surrender the church, but not open another one in the area that would allow members of Wayman's World to attend. 

      Fellowship "doctrines" are designed to transform people from healthy human beings, who look out for their own best interests, into human resources whose primary function is to benefit Wayman O. and those high up in his leadership structure.  People are told to put aside self interest for the interests of "the kingdom."  This is all disguised as people giving up what is in their own best interests for Jesus and God, but that is not what they are doing at all. 

      People give up educations, careers, life experiences, time with their families, and vital resources to "bless" the leadership.  They are told that this will bring a far superior "blessing" on their lives to what they would have had if they had not sacrificed for "the kingdom."  Those who do attain any level of prosperity will be paraded about as "proof" that God blessed them, but an examination of those people would bring the conclusion that they would have done even better had they not been in the Potter's House.  In other words, some people still prosper in spite of the fact that Wayman and the boys are bleeding them. 

      The vast majority of people in those churches, however, are being severely hurt in terms of the long run of their lives.  All someone would have to do is sit down and in their minds reverse all the sacrifice that they made for the kingdom of Wayman, and they would instantly know that they would have been incredibly better off had they never darkened the door of one of those perverse "chruches."  If they just sit down and calculate if they had invested the money that they gave Lord Wayman into any sensible investment, how much they would have today, that alone would show how much this man has drained from their lives.

      Time would fail to talk of loss of education, career, and life experiences.  There are people who would have had amazing careers that they will never have thanks to Wayman O. and his perverse teachings.  There are people who had once in a life time educational opportunities that will never come again.  They gave them up for "the kingdom."  There are people who would have had a much better and stronger relationship with their families, both in and out of the fellowship, had they not been forced into an obscene amount of church activity and attendance.  The loss vacations with their kids when they were young.  The loss kids suffered missing out on doing things with the other kids at school.  Missing out on proms, and school plays, and all kinds of other healthy social activities to "serve God."  Alienating themselves from the other kids because they were to give a radical, "in your face," presentation of the gospel of Waymanchrist.

      You see, when someone views people as human resources they tend to use them up, just like any other resource.  Wayman O. doesn't lose a wink of sleep over the lives he has ruined.  As long as he has all that he craves in his own little religious world, then he is happy.  We are dealing with a man who literally has no conscience.  Not only does he not care about the thousands of lives he has severely damaged and ruined, he seeks to add more pain to people that finally escape his perverse religious prison.  This is passed down all through the fellowship.  Ex members are used for sermons, they are shunned, they are cursed in prayer, spouses are encouraged to divorce their mates who leave, children are turned against parents who leave, churches are horribly split to destroy the pastor who dared to leave, and then when ex members cry out they are called slanderers and devils.  Wayman O. even uses ex members as much as he can.

      This reveals that Lord Wayman the First is not just an "imperfect" man.  He is extremely evil.  I consider him the most evil human being I have ever met.  He can be quite charming, and seem like the nicest guy on the planet.  But considering what he does to people's lives you would be hard pressed to find anyone who is truly more wicked.  Current fellowship members laugh at that and talk about how many people love and admire the Little Big Man.  Yes, and so did Hitler's followers point out the millions that loved and admired him.  People in the fellowship just don't get it until they leave and they have the fellowship boot heel kick them in the teeth.

      So, if you are in the Wayman O. fellowship, you are not a beloved brother or sister.  You are a human resource.  Take a good look at people who served for years, and even decades, who left, and were then treated like so much trash to be put out by the curb.  Do you cheer as your pastor mocks them from the pulpit?  Take a good look at what is really going on.  When you leave you will treated the same way, as will the pastor who is mocking those who left.  Many of the leaders who mocked those who left in 1990 were likewise mocked when they left in 2000 and 2001.  Open your eyes and see what the long term fruit of the Wayman O. fellowship really is.  It is a legacy of using people up and moving on to fresh victims.  The sooner you get out, the more you will minimize the damage that is being done to you. 

      If you are in the fellowship, you are NOT living for Jesus.  You are living for Wayman O. and his leaders.  You are a human resource and they are going to take you and your family for everything they can get.  Had enough yet?