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294Re: The Trapped Pastor

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  • kenhaining777
    Jan 1, 2006

      Here is a post by std_for_ever posted on Escape From the Fellowship.



      I have only read this one post in this thread. It is here that I must inject a much needed point. I have yet to meet a single Fellowship Pastor that was qualified to be a pastor. The averge
      fellowship pastor doesn't have any formal biblical training, no formal counseling training, no managment skills, ... The average fellowship pasotr is launched soley because he kissed butt better
      than any of the other disciples. Proof of this can be found in those churches that have pulled from the fellowship and succeeded in staying a church. They operate just as Ken described. The follow
      the fellowship pattern but drop the fellowship name. Worthless.

      If a fellowship pastor ever comes to see the scam, he should at least attempt to be an honarable man and stop scamming those in his church by posing as a pastor.

      If he had any b***s at all he would use a Sunday Morning sermon to lay out his exact findings, conclusions and intentions of leaving. He can inform the fellowship of his plans right before he locks the door on his way to the moving van. He should encourage everyone in his church to go find a healthy church to attend and offer them a list of such places. In other words he shouldn't just leave, resign, or pull the church from the fellowship. He should fold it up right then and there with no further services to be held. If he is smart, he will sell off all church assets and give the money to another church, or just donate them to another church. (Required by law when a 501c3 folds up). Since the building lease is probably in
      his name anyway, closing the doors could be quick. What he needs to do is make sure there is nothing left for his mother church or the fellowship to come and posses.

      If the fellowship pastor cannot do the former, he should do as George Piper did. He stood up on a sunday morning and told the church he had resigned and was leaving the state. The Kileen church is still there and none the worse for his exit.




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