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  • kenhaining777
    Dec 4, 2005

      In open debate, the fellowship cannot win against anyone with the slightest amount of competence and with an accurate knowledge of their inner workings.  All they can do is make threats in the end.  For all their saying that God will fight against their enemies, they really don't believe that at all. 

      Jesus genuinely attracted folks according to the New Testament.  He didn't have to try and force anyone to stay with Him.  In fact, he was trying many times to get some space from the crowd.  The fellowship is the opposite.  They demand a crowd and threaten people constantly of grave consequences that will result from leaving the group.

      It goes further than that.   They demand money for the tithing pyramid under threat of taking a pastor's church away.  They demand adherence to all fellowship doctrines with the same threat.  They threated pastors that if they ever try to allow their church to leave the fellowship that they will immediately send in another pastor to split their church. 

      People don't stay in the fellowship because it is the greatest move of God in the earth today.  They stay in because they are threatened.  If fellowship people ever believed that they could leave and still be right with God, they would leave in droves. 

      Recently, a poor frustrated Eunick made threats on another message board to track down those who post on these message boards and who expose his corrupt fellowship.  Why?  Isn't God in control?  Will not the LORD of Hosts destroy the slammers for daring to come against the "LORD's annointed?"  Since Wayman O. is about as far away from being a so called man of God as you can get, it is not likely.

      I guess some must be taking that guy seriously who said that fellowship people should kick the teeth out of anyone who opposes them, or better yet, shoot them.  People such as those who come on the internet and try and discredit our witness, and when that doesn't work, they make threats of revealing those who don't want their identity known, have no trust in God.  Theirs is the arm of flesh.

      Well, threatening to use someone with a criminal background to track down people on the internet backfired on the Eunick of God.  I can only hope that one day he will escape from the fellowship, and stop defending a religious scam that is draining his life away.