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Re: Eagle Nebula Information

... http://www.madpc.co.uk/~peterv Approx. 55ºN, 2ºW (Northumberland, UK) On 20/11/2015 11:23, 'Chris Marriott' chris@... [skymap]
Peter Vasey
Nov 20

Re: Eagle Nebula Information

I'd recommend keeping the file in alphabetical order - it makes it a lot easier to maintain. So yes, move the line to the appropriate point in the file. Chris
Chris Marriott
Nov 20

Re: Eagle Nebula Information

Hi, Chris, Dennis had posted his original query on the LX90 group. Just to keep you informed, I replied there: 'Open the file 'popname.dat' (in the Deepsky
Peter Vasey
Nov 20

Re: Eagle Nebula Information

Hi Dennis, “Popular names” can be applied to different objects, and several different objects are known by different people as the “Eagle Nebula”. If
Chris Marriott
Nov 20

Eagle Nebula Information

Hello Chris, I first want to thank you for providing me with my most important resource for planning my imaging and visual observing. For well more than a
Nov 19

Re: Fw: new message

Chris, I don't grasp the content of this mail thread related to te context of the Skymap software product. Hence I marked it as being spam; but maybe I missed
Robert Sanders
Nov 18

Re: Fw: new message

WARNING! This message is a hacker link! DO NOT click on it! TIMOTEO SALDANA HONESTO, OFS Shi Ka'tu Ben Ke Niya (I Am A Warrior) "Great Spirit, let me treat
Timoteo Saldana Honesto
Nov 13

Re: Windows 10

Hello all, Thank you for that, David. Someone on that second URL you gave has found a solution - see below: ===== Here is a solution (thanks to Komeil
John Cleverdon
Nov 5

Re: Skymap4pro first 1000 asteroid ephemerides updated

Thanks for the heads up! Looking up, Alan From: 'Mr. R.Sanders' robertopizzaslekker4pro@... [skymap] Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 3:27 AM To:
Alan, W4WMM
Nov 4

Skymap4pro first 1000 asteroid ephemerides updated

Skymap4pro gave me a observation prediction of bright asteroid 747 passing the Orion nebulae november 18th. I managed to put a screendump in
Mr. R.Sanders
Nov 4

Re: Inserted Line appears to fail

Hi Arthur, If the two endpoints of the line are too far off the edges of the map, the program can fail to recognise that the line should cross the map. If you
Chris Marriott
Nov 3

Inserted Line appears to fail

I'm running SkyMap 11.0.6. I insert a line while in Level 2 then, after switching to Level 7, I attempt to follow the line using the arrow buttons. However, at
Nov 3

Re: Windows 10

John Cleverdon, BFrom: mailto:skymap@yahoogroups.com ... Hello all, (apologies if I've missed any posts that have provided an answer) I have just upgraded to
David Webber
Oct 30

Re: Windows 10

Hello all, (apologies if I've missed any posts that have provided an answer) I have just upgraded to Win10 on my PC to fix an issue with printers on Win 8.1,
John Cleverdon
Oct 30

Re: Old Customer needs help...

Thanks every one, I will try Margaret at Mozart. I tried booting up my old, old computer last used with SkyMap Pro in 2003, gosh that's about how long its
Oct 28
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