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Background Images

I just installed SkyMap Pro 10 to Windows 10. When I try to get a background image, I get messages "Unable to create destination file" and "Unable to download
11:46 AM

Re: windows 10

Go to http://www.skymap.com/skymap_pro_faq.htm And read the 7th FAQ… Looking up, Alan, W4WMM Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: John Frake
Alan, W4WMM
Aug 29

Re: windows 10

Hello There, I had a w7 pc with Skymap 11 on it, converted to W10 no problems so I imaging the same installation procedure will work for both versions! 
John Frake
Aug 29

Re: windows 10

Hi, Carl, (Save Chris the trouble - busy man!) See: http://www.skymap.com/skymap_pro_faq.htm#win64 Cheers, Peter. http://www.madpc.co.uk/~peterv Approx. 55ºN,
Peter Vasey
Aug 24

windows 10

Hi there Chris, i have just had a brand new computer built with windows 10 64 bit on it, i have a full genuine skymap pro ver 10 on cd ! Will i and how do i
Aug 24

Re: Installing SkyMap to New Computer

Sounds as if you have a full installation CD, so yes, install as per the FAQ. Regards, Chris From: mailto:skymap@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, August 24, 2015
Chris Marriott
Aug 24

Re: Windows 7 64bits

Thank you Peter It's done, and working, just need to get some files from the old Laptop. cheers Bernardo Andrade
Aug 18

Re: Windows 10

Yes, upgrade from windows 7 starter (netbook). Windows upgraded to 10 Home. Skymap works as it did before, except for the Help! No upgrade for the winhlp32
Aug 18

Re: Windows 7 64bits

Hi, Bernado, This is because the installer is 16 bit. 64 bit Windows won't run 16 bit programs, which has caused many people, myself included, many problems -
Peter Vasey
Aug 18

Windows 7 64bits

I would like to install Skymap pro 11 on my desktop computer with Windows 7 64bits, but I do get a message to contact the software manufacturer. What needs to
Aug 18

Windows 10

I just thought I'd let people know that Skymap Pro 11 (Still the best charting program in my opinion!) runs happily under windows 10. I haven't tried all the
Aug 10

variable star spectrum abbreviations

Hello, Tonight, looking for R CrB, I noticed the abbreviations for spectrum [ C0,0(F8PEP) ] at the end of the description file and I wonder somebody may help
R. Sanders
Aug 2

Re: windows 8.1 and sky map pro?

Well I guess I'll give it a go in the near future. Chris I remember meeting you at NEAF god knows how long ago, at least ten years, hope to see you again. I
Jul 22

Re: windows 8.1 and sky map pro?

From: tim71pos@... [skymap] ... Is there a version sky map pro that works on windows 8.1 or is it pretty much a legacy product at this point. SkyMap 11
David Webber
Jul 12

Re: windows 8.1 and sky map pro?

Hi Greg, SkyMap Pro 11 works absolutely fine with Windows 8.1. Regards, Chris ________________________________________ From: skymap@yahoogroups.com
Chris Marriott
Jul 12
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