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Re: Identifying KPATH

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  • skylendar
    ... requests to a newbie newsgroup C.
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 12, 2007
      --- In skylendar@yahoogroups.com, "gjerte" <djevelunge@...> wrote:
      > Thanks :)
      > But both "echo $KDEDIRS" and "echo $QTPATH" returns one empty line,
      > and then the command prompt (or what its called in Linux).
      > And "./configure --prefix=/usr" or "./configure --prefix=/opt/kde"
      > both returns, after a long list,
      > "Checking for KDE... configure: error:
      > in the prefix, you've chosen, there are no KDE headers installed. This
      > will fail. So, check this please and use another prefix!"
      > I see from the forum that you are running Mandriva 2007, I will try to
      > install that and see what happens.
      > Hope this have given you one of the user responses you ask for. Thanks
      > for the work you are doing on the program :)
      > --- In skylendar@yahoogroups.com, "skylendar" <skylendar@> wrote:
      > >
      > > $PATH contains a list of paths used by the shell for declaring
      > > directories containing wanted executables, whereas $QTPATH and $KDEDIRS
      > > enclose the stuffs for qt, respectively kde.
      > >
      > > Normaly, you don't have to set up those variables if you install sk in
      > > the directory where the kde stuff has been set up (Normally /usr). So,
      > > execute a ./configure --prefix=/usr then make, make install and
      > > installskydb etc...
      > >
      > > C.
      > >
      >install kde and qt devel stuff. But for trivial questions like that, you should send your
      requests to a newbie newsgroup

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