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Bad News....The End of Skycycle.

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  • CGM_Cav
    It was fun while it lasted! Thanks for the great tunes guys! Got this in my mailbox yesterday: Hello everybody.. Skycycle has broken
    Message 1 of 23 , Sep 28, 2000
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      It was fun while it lasted! Thanks for the great
      tunes guys! <br><br>Got this in my mailbox
      yesterday:<br><br>"Hello everybody..<br><br>Skycycle has broken
      up.<br><br> For everyone who liked our music, was waiting for
      us to tour, or wrote all<br>the great emails, we're
      sorry. We really wanted to come out and play
      for<br>every one of you. A band is a tricky proposition, a few
      guys in a room<br>slogging out tunes, playing shows,
      and hoping for the best. Skycycle began<br>on
      Halloween 1995, so next month would have been our 5 year
      anniversary. 5<br>years is a damn long time, and some of us
      are itching to explore other<br>creative avenues. No
      matter which way you cut it, it's kind of sad,
      because<br>we had so much more we wanted to do, but that's how
      life goes sometimes.<br><br>As for us, we're all
      friends, it was (basically) an amicable split.
      Right<br>now everyone is regrouping and trying out different
      creative projects.<br><br>As for Skycycle Online, and the
      free downloading, we'll keep the site up as<br>long as
      possible, so if you want anyone to have our record, send
      'em on<br>over. We won't be taking any more orders
      for CD's or shirts.<br><br> As for me...<br>I have
      opened up Steve Isaacs.com <a href=http://www.steveisaacs.com, target=new>http://www.steveisaacs.com,</a>
      -right now<br>it's a listing of the websites I've built,
      but in the future I plan on<br>making it a home for
      all kinds of cool online art, webtoons, and music.
      If<br>you would to join my mailing list of news about my
      sites, cool links, and<br>creative projects, please
      respond with "subscribe" in the subject field. I<br>plan
      on sending something out monthly.<br><br> As for you
      guys,<br>Thanks so very much for all the encouragement, CD
      orders, downloads, and<br>support. It really meant alot
      to us. We wish every one of you the best of<br>luck
      and wishes for a great life. You all made it
      worthwhile.<br><br><br><br> -Steve"
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