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Re: [Skip's] Beef Stew 1

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  • kurganthethird
    A good mix. Joe ... From: THOMAS To: skips-lost-45s Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:07 AM Subject: [Skip s] Beef Stew 1 Like any good beef stew,
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      A good mix.            Joe
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      From: THOMAS
      Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2009 3:07 AM
      Subject: [Skip's] Beef Stew 1

      Like any good beef stew, it's in there, maybe even a little fresh road kill. a mix of forgotten and obscure R&B, soul, pop, rock, rockabilly, even a group harmony or two,  enjoy.
      Beef Stew Vol 1
      size - 91 MB @ 160 MP3
      Ali Baba - Dave and The Customs.mp3
      Bump De Bump - Big Buddy Lucas.mp3
      Cat Hop - Dodgers.mp3
      Come Dance With Me - Pat Logsdon & The Royal Notes.mp3
      Draggin - Curtis Gordon.mp3
      Eloping - Benny England.mp3
      Fender Bender - The Original Starfires.mp3
      Flang Dang Do - Highlighters.mp3
      Get Out And Go - Rosetta Perry.mp3
      Go To Work Pretty Daddy - Eunice Davis.mp3
      Gunfire - Rebel Rousers.mp3
      He-Man Looking For A She-Girl - The Four Dots.mp3
      Henry - Jet Tones.mp3
      Hey Mr. Warden - Danny Cobb.mp3
      Hog Killin' Time - Eddie Kirk.mp3
      I'm A Country Boy - Clarence  Frogman  Henry  Argo.mp3
      Juke Box Mama - Merdell Floyd.mp3
      Just A Little Love - Nappy Brown.mp3
      Landslide - Off-Beats.mp3
      Lonesome Baby Blues - David Ray.mp3
      Love Me 'Til Dawn - Willie Johnson.mp3
      Mary's Party - Charles McCullough & The Silks.mp3
      My Man's Coming Home - Bonnie  Bomshell  Lee.mp3
      Q-Bop She-Bop - Dells - Vee Jay.mp3
      Ring A Ling Dong - Rudy Ray Moore.mp3
      Rink-A-Dink-I-Do - Edsels.mp3
      Rock 'N Roll Romance - Big Rocker.mp3
      Rock On - Johnny Rebb & The Rebels.mp3
      Rock Pretty Baby - Piano Red  - RCA Victor.mp3
      Rockyn' Up - Ronnie Molleen.mp3
      Roc-Ola-Ruby - Sonnee West.mp3
      Shah-Bah-Dah-Bah-Dee - Georgie Auld.mp3
      That's Alright - Walt Jessup.mp3
      That's Sho Biz - Dale Wright and The Wright Boys.mp3
      Tight Capris - Jody Reynolds.mp3
      Walkin' Wanda - Shades.mp3
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