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New Rips 26

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    New Rips 26 size - 81 MB @ 192 MP3 http://www.sendspace.com/file/miogba A Wonderful Dream - Majors.mp3 A Year Ago Today -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2009
      New Rips 26
      size - 81 MB @ 192 MP3
      A Wonderful Dream - Majors.mp3
      A Year Ago Today - Doug Sahm.mp3
      All By Myself Alone - Frankie Fleming Jr..mp3
      All My Love, All My Life - Emjays (with Jimmy Curtis).mp3
      Blind Date - Eternals.mp3
      Bubbles (I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles) - Kalin Twins.mp3
      Bye Bye Baby - Bobby Keene.mp3
      Cleopatra Brown - Day Brothers.mp3
      Come Softly To Me - Ronnie Height.mp3
      Cross My Heart - Emjays (with Jimmy Curtis).mp3
      Crying For You - Centuries.mp3
      Crying On My Pillow - Stan Cayer.mp3
      Crying Over You - Cruisers.mp3
      Don't Be Afraid To Cry - Lanny Duncan.mp3
      For You - Cupids.mp3
      I Know, I Know - Pookie Hudson.mp3
      Jealous Heart- Pookie Hudson.mp3
      Listen Little Girl - Bobby Keene.mp3
      Little Girl - The Notes.mp3
      Move Over Angels - Bobby Keene.mp3
      Over The Rainbow - Emjays (with Jimmy Curtis).mp3
      Rock and Roll - Jerry Keller.mp3
      So Young, So Wise - Ronnie Height.mp3
      This Is My Love - Emjays (with Jimmy Curtis).mp3
      What Happens When He Comes Home - Jerry Keller.mp3
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