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Re: Hi everyone!

that is really cool you feel like you found something in our group here, i also love the fact that you speak french omg thats so awesome!! i'm from California
Hannah Carey
11:11 AM

Re: Busy hands

same i just try and concentrate on something else. i usually find myself picking when im bored or i am laying down before bed or reading. for me its a stress
Hannah Carey
11:08 AM

Re: Busy Hands

Yes I agree , fortunately my mother took me to an OCD and anxiety therapist and trich she is currently helping me and gave me some toys , personally the ones
8:50 PM

Re: Hi everyone!

Hello I just joined this but I really love your story and its cool that you speak French ! :) I am definitely glad I joined this to see I'm not alone as are
8:23 PM

Busy Hands

Do any of you guys have any hand toys that you use to keep your Hands busy while you work? And if so what are they and do they work to any extent? I always
6:15 PM

Re: Hello

Wow that's really inspiring, really! Juliette
5:07 PM

Re: Hello

A person who doesn't suffer from it can't understand it because it looks "weird" or "conscious" or wtv but I know how you feel and at first, it looks like the
5:06 PM

Hi everyone!

Hi I felt really good when I found this group because I'm not alone in this I guess... Anyways I've read a lot of your stories but my trich sI'm eems to be
5:03 PM

Re: Hello

I hate trich so much, but I feel like trich will always be a part of me. I am pull free for 12 days now, but I am worried about the day that my urges will be
Makayla Mitts
Mar 25

Re: Hello

I pull from my part a lot too!! I'm 16 as well. I totally know how you feel and it's just so humiliating at least for me. Trying to understand why i can't just
Mar 25

Re: Hello

I don't even notice myself doing it half of the time. People don't understand that I can't just stop.
Jayme L'Huillier
Mar 25

Re: Hello

I have bald spots on my head also. And I honestly don't think that people who don't have trich understand what we are going through. They think that we can
Makayla Mitts
Mar 25


My name is Jayme and I am new. I just admitted to myself that I have been dealing with this for a year. I pull out hair from my hair part, pick around my
Mar 25

Aw I broke the name chain lol my name is Bri. Its going to be hard, but seeing a therapist can really help. I've seen a few for anxiety, and none of them knew
Mar 22

Re: I'm new

Hey I'm Bri. I obviously have trich too lol. I pull my eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair from head. I don't know what to do about it either. It's hard to live
Mar 22
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