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New here/Hi everyone

Hi everyone I'm new to this group. I'm 16 (soon to be 17) ...I've been pulling since I was 9... I use to have periods where I'd quit pulling and be alright
1:29 PM


Heyy guys! I am new to the group. I've had trich for about three years now and went a year and recently relapsed this year I would love to connect with people
9:41 AM

Re: Hi I'm new!

Thank you Charlotte! I will take your reccommendation and wait for the right time to tell my friends. I have found a bracelet to go to if i fel like picking
9:21 AM

Re: hellp please?!

My number is 8015037001
May 5

Re: I'm new here

Trich should NOT be ending your friendships! Your friends should be more understanding about it. The thing with trich is that we can't "just stop". The more we
Makayla Mitts
May 3

Re: hellp please?!

My number is 2146216126 :)
May 1

(no subject)

guys my number is 1(405)-618-2938 if anyone wants to be text buddies or talk about anything I'm always here!! ~Sheridan
Sheridan Stinson
May 1

Re: Newbie

Hey I'm Lauren, I'm 17 and from South Africa. I have been pulling my hair out since I was 14. I used to have long black hair but now it looks worse than a
May 1

Re: hellp please?!

here is my number too if anyone wants to talk! 919-710-1707 Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone At Apr 30, 2015, 10:32:34 AM, Maddie Munsey memunsey97@...
Maddie Munsey
May 1

Re: motivation for all of you :-)

I love having a place where everyone is accepting and supportive. All though I donÆt really know you guys I feel so much love. ... I love having a place where
Daniella Acosta
Apr 30

motivation for all of you :-)

hey guys!I just wanted to put some positive vibes out there for everyone today. I know how hard this is, but we are in it together. everyone here can do it if
Emily Smith
Apr 30

Re: hellp please?!

okay guys yay! my number is 267.322.8034, just text me with your name :-) On Thursday, April 30, 2015 2:49 PM, "rfays26@... [skinpickers]"
Emily Smith
Apr 30

Re: Hi I'm new!

Hi Iona I have the exact same thing as you, I wear eyeliner every day and have been doing that sine November it's made it impossible to go on sleepovers we
Charlotte Behan
Apr 30

Re: hellp please?!

I would love to also!
Apr 30

Hi I'm new!

Hi! I'm Iona from the UK and I have trichotillomania. I have had it since I was 10 and am now 14 (in a month). I am here to take and give advice 😄 I always
Apr 30
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