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It's a Sucktastic Life

Hey everyone, I'm Hannah (though I would rather be called Pearl) I am 16 years old and have been struggling with trich for nearly a decade. Once July hits it
Sep 30

Re: Trich

Hello. I pick at my scalp too. People can be really mean and stupid, but it won't be like that forever, promise. Sent from my iPhone
Adriana Baron
Sep 30

Re: Skin Picking

I used to have a problem with skin picking but now I struggle with trich. I know how you feel. You are not alone.
Sep 29

Re: Skin Picking

Checking in with you. How is it going? Any better? Learned any tricks? You aren't alone. Sent from my iPhone
Sep 26


I've never told anyone i have it and im always picking at my scalp. People think I have lice.. and my family isn't that great. I'm too scared to tell anyone.
Sep 23

Different Hair Lengths

Recently I've been getting a lot of comments on how my hair is really thin. I have very long hair and I'm too wimpy to cut it. At the moment my pulling's been
Sep 19


I forgot to wear a headband today and I'm freakinf out bc the headband covers my bald spots but they are growing in so hopefully it doesn't look too bad? Ahh
gabriella s
Sep 18

Mom noticed the bald spots

I never told my family about my trich problem but last week, while I was laying down on the floor my mom came and sat on the couch. She somehow saw the bald
Sep 16

Re: Skin Picking

I know what you mean. I am 18 now, and I pick from my arms, legs, and head. It can be embarrassing when people ask you what you are doing etc. It is really
Sep 15

Hey guys! Need someone to talk to on a personal level?

Feel free to text me at any time! My name is Rachel, I'm 17 and I'm extremely familiar with the trich situation. I've had trich on and off for 10 years. I feel
Sep 14

Re: Senior Year with Trich = not so fun

Telling my counselor seems like a good idea. If it gets that bad to the point where people start noticing (which they might already have a clue) I might have
rachel buchler
Sep 13

Re: Senior Year with Trich = not so fun

Yeah that's exactly how I felt too! I've shaved my head twice now but the first time even though I had only 2 inches of length by my ears and in the back it
Sep 13

Re: Craziest method of distraction

Duct taping my hands together.. lol Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone On Sep 13, 2015, 1:57:22 AM, sarah.ndipity@... [skinpickers] wrote: So recently I
rachel buchler
Sep 13

Re: Senior Year with Trich = not so fun

I have shaved my head before when I was little but honestly my other hair I haven't pulled is so long and worked so hard for it so I just don't wanna shave it
rachel buchler
Sep 13

Re: I'm Terrified to Get a Hair Cut

I agree. If the hair dresser does ask, say it's not their business and they can cut around it. Or you could always try cutting it yourself. And if anyone close
Adriana Baron
Sep 13
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