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Its as if i am getting better and don't pull for a couple of days or even a week and im so proud of myself and right after that i relapse and go on a crazy
Nov 24

Re: Hair pulling

i have been pulling for 3 years. Well my hair. I cant remember when i started picking my skin on my fingers and scabs. and I pull at seams of clothes
Nov 23

Re: Hair pulling

We all have experience with hair pulling in one form or another. Ask away!!! This is a fantastic group. Welcome. :) Sent from my iPhone
Nov 12

Re: Events

On the TLC (trichotillomania learning center) website, you can enter your city, and they give you a bunch of support groups that are available in your area,
Nov 12

Re: Hair pulling

Yes! My name is Cassidy, and I've been pulling for 5 years. Sent from my iPhone
Cassidy Drabek
Nov 12

Hair pulling

Is this group for hair pulling also like that's exactly what I have and the description says related? I really need someone to talk to
Nov 12


Hi! Does anyone know of a website where i can look for events, seminars, workshops, group therapy/sharing, etc on skinpicking? In los angeles area Preferably,
Anya Del Cruz
Nov 11

Re: I've been looking for someone who understands..

Laura, I know exactly how you feel. I've been pulling for 5 or 6 years now and I'm going through a bout of depression. I never take my medicine regularly, even
Cassidy Drabek
Nov 11

Re: I've been looking for someone who understands..

I read the whole thing. I think a lot of us here would be able to relate. About what your grandmother said, I can feel the pain of that remark. I know they/our
Anya Del Cruz
Nov 11

I've been looking for someone who understands..

Hello everyone. I'm not usually so open about my feelings, so this is a bit scary.. but hey, the anonymity helps. I have been, what I would call, self
Nov 10

I want to STOP the URGES

Hi! I m new in this group and I have problem so Pls. Help me, I m suffering and I Have huge bald spot at the left front of my head and I hope I can cope this
Nov 10

Re: I want to stop

I've had trich for over a year and the thing that made me start gettin better faster was telling my mom. It lifted a big weight off my shoulders and she's been
Nov 9

Proud of This

I've been watching activity now for about a year on this and I'd just like to say that in 2015 there had been so many posts! I am happy to watch this develop
Nov 9

Hair in carpet!

Hi guys, I've been pulling the hair from my head for almost 3 years now. That's besides the point though. I have carpet in my room and when I pull my hair out
Nov 9

Re: I want to stop

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tun aisyah
Nov 9
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