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  • margaretgamez@yahoo.com
    May 16, 2001
      In a message dated 05/16/2001 4:23:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      All-Love-Rebecca writes:

      > > I've been looking for interesting books about the
      > > Goddess Sekhmet; her history, healing, and related worship practices.
      > > I've heard that Robert Masters has written some good works, but most
      > > of them seem to be out of print. Does anyone have any ideas of
      > > places to look? (I'm in the San Francisco area.)

      There is quite a bit of Sekhmet information on the Internet. You can all get
      the Rober Masters books through his website www.robertmasters.org
      It looks as if his book, The Goddess Sekhmet, is pretty much reproduced on
      his website. http://www.robertmasters.org/sekhmet/
      You might also try searching for the book at www.abebooks.com, which lists a
      number of small bookstores throughout the world. It is more comprehensive
      than the big name booksellers on the net because it includes used copies, and
      the prices are competitive -- each bookseller posts individually - sometimes
      prices differ quite a bit.
      The publishers' info:
      The Goddess Sekhmet:
      Psycho-spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way
      Llewellyn Publications, 1991 reprint
      Amity House, 1988
      ISBN 0-87542-495-3 [hard]
      ISBN 0-87542-485-6 [paperback]

      Other sites you might check out:
      This is a site which is kept by a Belot student. He continues adding more
      information and has widened the scope somewhat. The information on Sekhmet
      is good, and there are several interesting articles by Helen Belot

      This is a premier Sekhmet website. Absolutely super work.

      There's a mailing list and a Sekhmet forum here.

      Robert Masters' website

      As far as I know, the Sekhmet-based Seichem/Sekhem came through the lineage
      of Phoenix Summerfield. I"ve been told that Marsha Burack was working with
      her at the time. Phoenix Summerfield went to Australia and taught Helen
      Belot, who developed her Sekhem school. Meanwhile, Sekhmet-influenced
      Seichim/Sekhem was taught here in the US as well. I teach a very
      Sekhmet-oriented Seichim . If you are interested, please visit my website at

      You must be the change you wish to see in the world.