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907Seichim/Sekhem/Seichem/SKHM differences

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  • Ramu555@aol.com
    Jul 25 6:28 AM
      In a message dated 07/25/2000 4:27:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Susanne
      > Could someone please explain to me what the differences is between
      > Seichim, Seichem, Sekhem and SKHM?

      I think that you will get several different answers, depending on who you ask.
      As I was taught, originally, Seichim, Sekhem, and SKHM are all different
      phonetic spellings for the same thing. "Seichem" is the name/spelling which
      was chosen, at one point, by Kathleen Milner, for her system, which is now
      called Tera Mai.

      Since I received my attunements/training, there has been a lot of
      proliferation of different "schools", and, also, of different explanations
      for the differences in spelling. Patrick Zeigler, the "founder" of the
      system whose name has the sound which matches all these spellings, spells it
      SKHM, on the premise that Arabic has no vowels and therefore there should be
      no vowels in the English rendition. Because Arabic does have inflection
      marks, which do indicate vowel sounds, Sekhem is chosen by some to indicate
      the sound. It is used by Helen Belot and her students and "downline", for
      her system, which was developed *on*, or *from*, as I have been taught, the
      system which Phoenix Summerfield (nee Kathleen McMaster) developed from
      Patrick's system. A number of other "schools" of Seichim/Sekhem/SKHM, most
      of which use the spelling "Seichim", have grown out from the original system
      which Patrick introduced. In recent years, a system called
      Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki has been developed by Diane Shewmaker, who has written
      the book, All Love, which is the only hard-copy book (I believe that there
      are several e-books) which discusses Seichim/Sekhem/SKHM.

      So, basically, the difference, I believe most would agree, would be the
      "school" descended from the original SKHM (which I believe might have been
      spelled another way) introduced by Patrick. Each school/system harks back,
      in its own way, to the original system, while, at the same time,
      incorporating additions which its developers have seen fit to include as
      enhancements. Different systems may include different symbols and/or
      different techniques.

      I feel rather certain that others will have other explanations of the
      differences. This particular one is based on what I was taught by my first
      teacher and what I have come to understand through being initiated into
      several other systems, as well as through experiencing a number of
      discussions on the subject, all subsequently filtered through my own
      understanding/belief systems.

      I look forward to seeing the explanations of others.
      You must be the change you wish to see in the world.