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902Fw: [seichemreiki] Sekhem Trademark Application

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  • Andrea Arden
    May 15, 2000
      >An Open Letter to the Seichim/Sekhem/SKHM/Seichem and Reiki Healing
      >from Patrick Zeigler and Diane Shewmaker
      > A trademark application has been filed to prevent anyone in the United
      >States from using the word "Sekhem" as a business name or healing system.
      >This restriction would apply to all healers, teachers, students, and
      >practitioners of Sekhem who use that word in advertisements, brochures,
      >letters, class materials—almost all aspects of working with this
      >form of healing. It may also affect those who use the term "Sekhem" as part
      >of their religious practices or within certain fraternal and similar
      >spiritual organizations and groups. The application has gone through
      >stages and the 30-day public comment period will begin on May 23, 2000. We
      >have retained legal counsel to formally file an objection and would like
      >assistance in informing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that the
      >should be denied.
      > It is our position that every person has the right to heal with and
      >about this universal healing energy stream which has been known by various
      >names such as Seichim, Sekhem, SKHM and Seichem (and derivatives thereof)
      >whatever format he or she is attracted to. However, we feel it is
      >inappropriate for anyone to claim as their own any one of the basic names
      >which this energy has been known around the world.
      > All four names have been actively used by many in the United States and
      >abroad prior to this current application of Helen Belot of Australia.
      >some of the related healing systems have some variances in form and
      >the universal healing energy at their core is the same; therefore, in this
      >sense the names Seichim, Sekhem, SKHM and Seichem are equivalent to one
      >another and share the same symbolic meanings. Please note that the Sekhem
      >healing system taught by Helen Belot has at its foundation the original
      >Seichim system (including symbols) developed and taught by Phoenix
      >Summerfield in the United States and Australia, with both being inclusive
      >the three degrees of Reiki and its symbols (though some of the names of the
      >symbols have been changed in Helen's system). Phoenix's lineage goes back
      >Faun Parliman, Tom Seaman, Patrick and ultimately to Source as detailed in
      >Diane's book, All Love: A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki
      > It is our understanding that people have tried to claim as their
      >proprietary product other healing systems, such as Reiki, and failed. Our
      >legal counsel has informed us that the law on trademarking a healing system
      >as a proprietary name is fairly straight-forward. As an example, imagine an
      >acupuncturist who tries to trademark as his or her business name " The
      >Painless Acupuncture Clinic." Because the words "acupuncture," "clinic,"
      >"painless" are generic, universally-used, words that do not distinguish a
      >unique business product, trademarking is inappropriate. In addition, people
      >have been using the term "acupuncture" in their business for thousands of
      >years before the trademark application—another important determining
      >How You Can Help
      > You can help us with this legal proceeding as follows:
      >1. You can join in as a formal "party in interest" in the Opposition brief
      >that will be filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. A "party in
      >interest" is a person or business that will be directly affected by the
      >granting of a trademark for the name "Sekhem." This includes those who are
      >currently using the name in their work or who may anticipate doing so in
      >future. Those who are parties in interest will share the legal expenses
      >equally. The more who join at this level, the lower the legal costs per
      >person. Participating at this level will ensure that your voice is heard
      >will also put you on record with the trademark office as a current or
      >user of the name "Sekhem." If you believe you are a party in interest,
      >contact Diane Shewmaker at 503-469-9292 or awakener@...
      >immediately for more details!!!! The more people who participate at this
      >level the better. Please seriously consider this option and do not delay
      >contacting Diane.
      >2. Make a donation to the legal fund for the benefit of all. This can be
      >any amount and would likely be deductible as legal expenses should you have
      >related business (talk to your accountant to be certain). These donations
      >will be applied to legal expenses. Records of all donations will be kept
      >if total donations exceed the legal expenses, the donations will be
      >on a pro rata basis. If you wish to participate at this level, send a check
      >or money order in any amount made out to Diane Ruth Shewmaker designating
      >monies for the legal fund. The address is 6107 SW Murray Blvd., PMB213,
      >Beaverton, Oregon 97008-4467. Please include your full name, address,
      >number and email address.
      >3. If anyone has information that can be substantiated and that you
      >will assist us in protecting everyone's right to use the word "Sekhem,"
      >please contact us at once.
      >4. Immediately forward this message to all of your students, to related
      >email groups of which you are a member and to anyone else who may be
      >interested and encourage their active participation in the process. This
      >truly a community effort!!
      > We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your willingness to
      >stand up and be counted in connection with this important question. If we
      >are successful, the effects can be far reaching in assuring that all
      >universal healing energies are freely available to all. Please help us
      >protect the healing community's rights. Feel free to be in touch with
      >of us.
      >Blessings to everyone,
      >Patrick Zeigler, Founder, Seichim@...
      >Diane Ruth Shewmaker
      >Author of All Love: A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and
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