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898"practical" Seichim

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  • Ramu555@xxx.xxx
    Jan 9, 2000
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      Ruy wrote:
      > > >Does anyone on the list teach Seichim in such a
      > > >way as to attract people who are only interested in practical results
      > > >mystery schools or ancient history?

      I was first attuned to a 7-facet Seichim which is virtually all mystery
      school/spiritual development/ascension-oriented work. I found this work
      immensely practical. Most recently, I was attuned to Master level in Diane
      Shewmaker's SSR brand of Seichim (encompassing a number of different versions
      of Seichim, and Seichim symbols), which is much more focused on what I take
      it you mean by "practical results". There is a lot of what I would term
      "client-focused" work.
      I now teach this in the first "level" of my Seichim trainings.

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