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897Re: trashing patrick 101

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  • J ELK Sprankle
    Jan 8, 2000
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      Hi Margaret and All,

      After sitting here and reading the "excitment" ;-) on this list over
      Patrick and all for the last few weeks; I am reminded that I really don't
      know what the world, universe and life in general is....I only know what I
      think, it is like; based upon my interpetation of my senses.

      Has any of this made a difference in how I(we) interpet the world around
      me(us)? Made me(us) a better healer; taught me(us) something useful or
      truly informative about SKHM. Has it changed or expanded anything positive
      that I can use to better myself(us)?

      At a loss for anything positive to contribute, I shall return to lurkdom,
      to wait on the positive aspects of this list.

      John "ELK"
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