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892Re: practicality

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  • Andrea Arden
    Jan 6 7:53 PM
      >Does anyone on the list teach Seichim in such a
      >way as to attract people who are only interested in practical results not
      >mystery schools or ancient history?
      >* There are many here that teach Seichim Ruy. As far as what you are
      >looking for the 7 facet Seichim aka Renagade Reiki would be closest I
      >beleive to what you are looking for. Pretty simple. Just get the
      >attunements and symbols and do as you will with it practically.
      >It still has a history starting with Patrick to T'Om and down the line.
      >Practically speaking for your own use you could just ignore it and simply
      >use the energy and/or symbols.
      >Joy & Peace,

      To All:

      I believe what you're referring to above, Lyn, is the Seichim I was attuned
      to, but when it came to me it was 7 facets of Seichim along with 7 facets
      of Sekhem. It was definitely connected to a mystery school setting though,
      because it came down to my master from Lil Kilgallen at the Seichim Mystery
      School (as it was called then) in Gaithersburg, MD. Later that school was
      called the Seichim Mastery School, and after that the Sekhem Mastery
      School. It may be called something else now; I haven't kept up with it.

      I don't teach it with a mystery school focus, however. So I guess that
      suggests I might have a more practical orientation, Ruy.

      I think the most interesting thing about this particular system of Seichim
      is that neither the student nor the teacher experiences any symptoms of
      "attunement-itis" from it. Those I've attuned to it report that they sleep
      like a baby afterwards, as contrasted to Karuna, which tends to make both
      wired for a couple of days.

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