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890Re: practicality

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  • Linda Vaughan
    Jan 6, 2000
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      Does anyone on the list teach Seichim in such a
      way as to attract people who are only interested in practical results not
      mystery schools or ancient history?

      * There are many here that teach Seichim Ruy. As far as what you are
      looking for the 7 facet Seichim aka Renagade Reiki would be closest I
      beleive to what you are looking for. Pretty simple. Just get the
      attunements and symbols and do as you will with it practically.
      It still has a history starting with Patrick to T'Om and down the line.
      Practically speaking for your own use you could just ignore it and simply
      use the energy and/or symbols.

      Joy & Peace,

      Reiki, ChaiOr, SKHM, Seichim & KarunaKi Info.
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