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888Re: troubled souls

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  • Andrea Arden
    Jan 5, 2000
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      Margaret wrote:

      >In many different modalities, one gets this phenomenon. many people come
      >healing modalities because they feel (often unconsciously) some need for
      >inner healing...
      >At some point or other, most (if not all) of the saints on this list will
      >have the opportunity of experiencing this interesting occurrence through
      >their own students. I was fortunate that it was *spelled out* in my
      >Hypnotherapy Instructor training.

      Margaret, it appears that you feel anyone with a differing opinion from
      Patrick thinks they are a "saint" and doesn't know anything about group
      process or dynamics. From what's been posted here previously, that's
      obviously not the case.

      Since you've mentioned what was *spelled out* in your training, I'll tell
      you about mine. The study of psychology and counseling has been a lifelong
      interest for me. I worked for a time in mental health, and I majored in
      psychology along with art in college. I'm also a certified hypnotherapist,
      and I have had extensive training with a psychologist in regression and
      counseling techniques.

      In addition to all the negativity occurring in the core group, I observed a
      couple of things that my training *spelled out* as unethical. That's why I
      left and why I have said that I have serious concerns about what happened
      in the group. Now, if you want to believe that more than half of the core
      group members left at the same time because they were "troubled souls,"
      then I've got a bridge in the desert I want to sell you. :)

      I realize that it's important for everyone who wants to comment about what
      happened here be able to do so, but I *am* looking forward to the time when
      Patrick is no longer the only topic on this list.

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