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886Re: making and destroying saints we wish we had

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  • Ruy Silva
    Jan 5, 2000
      Dear Margaret,
      The problem is that lot of stuff about ancient healing and civilization is
      channelled material which can't be proved to be true or false. What you have said
      in fact is much of what I have said here and on other lists but I noticed that
      you have not noted that others like myself just don't see things in the same way
      as you or Patrick. I don't know who you are refering to "stoning Patrick". All I
      those I have seen are people who do not see the things as he does. He is not
      irritating me. I am just saying although I am prepared to let him do his own
      thing and believe what he wants to believe we have a right believe what we all
      want to believe individually. I know Patrick knows what I mean when I say he does
      not reflect the image that he can accept that others not not see things his way
      and that he is the one, it appears, won't let things and people be what they are.

      I can only say that I am all too familiar with group dynamics and the
      difficulties a leader may have especially when trying to lead a group who
      consider themselves his peers. In my time I have had to face groups of people,
      similiarly, and they would be very challenging of your views and if you don't
      have your facts right you are in for serious trouble. I have learned my own
      bitter lessons about group control or playing subgroups against each other or
      trying to create team spirit. I think a short while ago he was doing more than
      speaking out. That is why I thought he was fostering the same situation which may
      have happened in his class.

      I do not have to argue your various points as I see a lot of compassion and
      understanding in your message but through my contacts with him here and elsewhere
      Patrick seems to have gradually changed and it now seems he is the one who needs
      to look in the mirror and within himself. My perception of his communications is
      that he imagines anger in others where no anger appears to exist and he imagines
      hostility when none was intended. You summed it up in your words "Freely.
      No one can *expect* another to adopt his or her belief system, but they can
      You assumed I was "irritated by him" because of my message. It would seem that
      you are saying I am one of those stoning him. If my messages here do make it
      appear that I am doing that I am sorry. I offer my deepest apologies to him,
      yourself and others who feel the same way. And if I am not welcomed on this list
      because I am expressing views that do not agree with Patrick's and others on this
      list I am prepared to leave it. I do hope somehow Patrick will get this message.
      This is the 2nd time I have seen him run from a situation where he could have
      shown that he can accept people not agreeing with him. As I said before I feel at
      heart he is a gentle and kind person. I hope Patrick would take your advice. In
      fact we on this list should sit back reflect on what you said and maybe we can
      learn a lesson or 2 about ourselves. If Patrick would just do his thing and what
      he believes and teaches what he thinks is right and good for others but also be
      human and be humble. If he or any of us for that matter have made mistakes admit
      them and and learn from them. This is a lesson I learned from a colleague of
      mine, years ago. He was taking over the management of an office from me. He made
      a bad mistake in handling an argument between a member of the public and a staff
      member. He misjudged the staff member and gave the impression that he would
      please the public at all costs. He called a general staff meeting and explained
      what he did wrong and before everyone he apologised to the staff member concerned
      in front of 50 odd members of his staff and myself. He won the hearts and most
      importantly the loyalty of the staff in that office and managed that office very


      Ramu555@... wrote:

      > Ruy wrote:
      > > how Patrick allowed the negativity grow
      > > out of bounds in the core group.

      > Some people are not really prepared to check negativity when it shows up in a

      > class. Then, too, some people have a concept that such a thing will work out
      > as in a group therapy. I really get the idea that this has been Patrick's
      > aim. Unfortunately, such things can get out of hand for anyone - if a group
      > begins to go negative, even with just one person, there is a strong chance
      > that others will pick up on it and pile into the fray, rather than distancing
      > themselves from the negativity. This can happen in any kind of group
      > experience, and it is not pretty. Once it starts, it can be very difficult
      > to stop it. Some people seem to thrive on this kind of thing (some of you
      > may be aware of other lists where this sort of activity is the order of the
      > day)
      > >However, I did have direct experience of his
      > > handling the energetic exchanges here on the list. My personal observation
      > > is that he did not help to release any negativity in others on the list to
      > heal
      > > them he was just fostering it.
      > Again, I will say that I think Patrick's main fault here is that he is a
      > human. It seems that too many people want a saint. Patrick spoke out as he
      > did. Had he not spoken out, in all likelihood someone would be blaming him
      > for not having spoken out. It's been done before.
      > Again, I will say that it is fortunate for us all that Usui is dead - he
      > cannot make any errors in front of us. We can safely elevate him to
      > sainthood because very little is actually known about his life.
      > > he was not
      > > like Usui as he did not really develope the system.
      > > In actual fact I remember he said that when he started the system he
      > added the > infinity symbol into the Reiki attunement, etc., Actually we
      > all know others >developed the system and he admitted Summerfield and T'om
      > etc., gave structure >to it.
      > Well, all this comparison of Patrick to Usui is silly. We know next to
      > nothing about Usui. What we really know most is what Mrs. Takata handed to
      > us. Okay, yes, there are people in Japan digging, but there is not a lot of
      > real documentation on a man who was just a regular person, who we seem to
      > have tried to elevate to some kind of sainthood. Usui did not *create*
      > Reiki, if we follow what is traditionally taught. In modern English, we might
      > say he "channeled" it. Every day there are people out there busy adding
      > symbols or removing them or changing Reiki in some way, even beyond whatever
      > Mrs. Takata added or subtracted, which we will never really know (other than
      > through comparing with the various different Japanese Japanese schools.)
      > So what if Patrick just 'channeled" the energy, and then other people changed
      > it or "developed" it. (just what do you think happened/has happened with Usui
      > Reiki? Even the original 22 Takata RMs don't all have the exact same thing.)
      > > History
      > > of SKHM". As I said so myself, that in my brief system I cannot accept the
      > > teaching that Seichim came from ancient Egyptian practices and all that
      > > about Sekhmet and godesses.
      > Where do you expect it came from then? Why can it not have come from Egypt?
      > As I have been taught, through various systems of study, things moved from
      > Lemuria to Atlantis, and at the break-up of Atlantis, to various spots...
      > Egypt was one, Tibet was another, and there were others as well... so we see
      > "mystery school" work popping up in different locales with similar strains.
      > Why is that such an impossibility?
      > > I sense the anger and hostility is in himself and he has not healed it.
      > You know... I have learned a couple of things in this life: There is only one
      > person in the world whom you can change: You. AND when you find your
      > buttons being pushed, the place to look is WITHIN to find what it is exactly
      > that this *mirror* which is "irritating" you is showing you.
      > Patrick's presence, and his personality and way, have surely mirrored up a
      > lot of interesting stuff here. and yet, all these highly advanced healers,
      > instead of working on healing, and practicing compassion, seem bent on
      > stoning Patrick, instead of clearing their own selves.
      > > What does he mean by unity in Seichim
      > > then?
      > Uh, maybe it could mean that we don't have to fight each other, and that we
      > can all learn from each other, where Reiki has traditionally been very split
      > into different factions which do not intercommunicate.
      > >No one can expect another to adopt his belief system unless he
      > > wishes to be worshipped as a god or guru.
      > Not quite: all the missionaries of different traditions do not necessarily
      > set themselves up as gods or gurus. What one can do is show their belief
      > system, ideally through living it. If others see something useful, they can
      > adopt it. Freely.
      > No one can *expect* another to adopt his or her belief system, but they can
      > hope.
      > >I believe in only one God and that He
      > > accepts the uniqueness of each one of us.
      > Good, so let Patrick be, in his uniqueness, which is different from your
      > uniqueness, but no less unique, and no less valuable in the scheme of things.
      > Blessings
      > Margaret
      > You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
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