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UFOlogy and Y2K Follow The Money

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    Greetings! I originally decided to join this forum hoping to find people who, if they at least don t claim to believe in anything, they nevertheless are not
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 1999
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      I originally decided to join this forum hoping to find people who, if they at
      least don't claim to "believe" in anything, they nevertheless are not easily
      prepared to relinquish their rationality despite the various worldwide
      "crazes" inviting people by the millions to do so. In particular I have been
      and still am very skeptical about the effects of the so called Y2K computer

      But first I wanted to thank Eric Krieg for his post. I have been asked more
      times than I can count whether I "believe" in UFO's or whether I "believe" in
      extraterrestrials. I have wondered whether this is like asking one whether
      one "believes" in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. And yes I do think
      there's a connection somewhere in the human mind, some people's minds anyway.
      The desire to "believe" is so strong that it dulls out any realistic attempt
      to get to the facts. And indeed some of the facts might be stranger than
      fiction. Most people have seen things that they can't easily explain. But
      just because they lack an explanation is no excuse for them to come up with
      some pat theory about what they have observed. Nobody is ever going to get
      to the facts by "believing" in whatever they must believe in order to give
      themselves whatever measure of self confidence they feel they must require in
      order to bolster their existence.

      I am going to say for the record that I prefer doubt. Maybe faith is a
      beautiful thing and we all use it every day, it's part of what we appreciate
      as consistency. But there's nothing more educational than doubt. And I am
      going to state point blank that I include a doubt in much that materialist
      science assumes to be proven as true. For instance I doubt the Big Bang. I
      also doubt evolution as Darwin describes it. To the questions that
      imediately arise regarding the origins of things I say, "I don't know" and
      feel comfortable saying so. By the way, if for any reason someone reacts
      emotionally to my doubts because they either think I lack a certain loyalty
      to whatever scientific theory, let me remind them that their reaction is
      essentially emotional and loyalty has nothing whatever to do with good
      science; it is either proved beyond any doubt or it is not and remains in

      And when it comes to a cynical appraisal of UFOlogy or Y2K all one needs to
      do is follow the money. Who in his right rational mind would have paid $300
      to be guaranteed a view of some UFO's? Obviously all those people who saw
      those lights, whether satellites or whatever, had to believe they were seeing
      UFO's to keep back the certain apprehension that they had all been suckers.
      And what of the purveyors of Y2K survivalist paraphernalia? They are clearly
      making millions. I have heard a fascinating rumor that a certain Washington
      DC law firm is preparing to press charges against Gary North and others for
      perpetrating a fraud, creating a public nuisance or promoting a financial
      panic. I would certainly like confirmation concerning this alleged
      threatened lawsuit. Should Y2K prove fairly innocuous, as I believe it will,
      then certainly these characters should feel the revenge of a society that
      should have known better.

      Why aren't there more people out there shouting these idiots down? Because
      they're busy fixing whatever problems exist, preparing the machines and
      systems to operate properly into the next year and century. These people
      know more than the Y2K "chicken littles" do and I feel certain that they will
      do their best to keep vital services operating.

      Good cheer to you all.
      David Burton
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