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Re: [d-d] Energy of inaminate objects - Kirlian

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  • Eric Krieg
    ... Jadie, thanks for your kindness (many find my skepticism irritating). All forms of energy I know of (chemical, gravitational,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 1999
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      Jadie Stoddard wrote:
      > Hi: Not being a scientific person I appreciate your definintions. My
      > question(s) and thoughts in this energy discussion on what is and what is
      > not energy
      > Keriolyn (butchered spelling) Photography has shown the aura of innate
      > objects such as rocks, etc. If something has an aura it seems it is
      > assumed living. In my thinking if it is living, no matter the degree, it
      > emanates energy and absorbs energy. What type, kind, etc. energy I have no
      > idea at this time. I guess my thoughts at the moment (always changing) is
      > that anything with an aura is livng. When the aura dies, the energy
      > dissapates and goes to another place where it is used once again.
      > ` This also touches on the subject of thought forms and other energy forms
      > left and where they go when asked - again, my opinion is the energy is just
      > recycled to another place and use. Humbly, Jadie


      thanks for your kindness (many find my skepticism irritating). All forms of energy I know of (chemical, gravitational, electrical, magnetic, heat, and nuclear) operate according to the same rules for both living and dead mass. Kirlian Photography was big in the 70's and many groups investigated it. It is done by providing high voltage low current electrical energy via at least one electrically charged plate. This causes electrical current flow in a context where light is given off in proportion to current flow - which is merely in proportion to the conductivity of the object under examination. You can buy these wonderful glass spheres in science stores where you put your hands on the edge and see really cool lines of glowing ionized gas going to the edge of the glass. Same general principal - it's eerie but not paranormal. Stories still persist today that the glow is from flows of life force or that only living objects react. This is simply not true - just hold a piece of metal up to one of those spheres, or do Kirlian photography of it - you'll see plenty of activity. There were hopes that Kirlian photography could be used for medical diagnosis. Some surface problems can be seen with it. But the whole effect is very dependent on air conditions and surface moisture. It just never panned out the way people had hoped.

      You can read more on this at:

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