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  • eric krieg
    ... Subject: SCIENCE FRAUD From: Carel van der Togt Date: Wed, May 28, 2008 7:15 am ... SCIENCE FRAUD The progress in all
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2008
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      Subject: SCIENCE FRAUD
      From: "Carel van der Togt" <carelvandertogt@...>
      Date: Wed, May 28, 2008 7:15 am


      The progress in all science disciplines, except one, is based on the
      philosophy of logic. Logic or in laymen's words ordinary common sense
      determines whether theoretical conclusions are considered valid or not.

      The only science that excludes itself is Theoretical Physics. The argument
      of theoretical physicists for this exclusion is always the non-argument that
      their insights are too specialized and too difficult to be explained and
      understood by laymen.

      Scientists, even theoretical physicists, are ordinary people who at first
      consider their own interest. They cheat, lie and commit science fraud to
      hide their incompetence. How dare I say such bold and offending accusations?

      The unbelievable fairytale of relativity of time and space, parallel worlds
      and much more other crap is already disqualified for a long time. NASA
      withholds information that disproves Einstein's Relativity Theory. Quantum
      Mechanic scientists teach and receive research funds knowing it is

      A couple of really stupid and simple mistakes set Theoretical Physicists of
      in the wrong direction. When discovered it was too late. Vanity withholds
      them to reveal their incompetence. They have had ample opportunity to
      correct their mistakes.

      It is time to expose this to the public. Physics can be understood by
      everyone. Actually the basic of physics is very simple; just ordinary common
      sense. Only the self-proclaimed geniuses who say they understand their own
      fairytale have a problem with the simple truth:


      Please fore ward this email to everyone who wants to know the arguments. It
      is time this science gives answers to questions they systematically ignore.


      Carel van der Togt

      ======== note, my old eric@... address has just been resurrected
      after being inaccessible for the past few years. my new address is
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