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  • eric krieg
    ... Subject: NCAS Annual Seminar and Show April 30 From: NCAS Date: Wed, April 20, 2005 12:28 am To: april30@ncas.org ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2005
      from the good skeptical people near our nation's capitol:

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      Subject: NCAS Annual Seminar and Show April 30
      From: "NCAS" <april30@...>
      Date: Wed, April 20, 2005 12:28 am
      To: april30@...

      Hello, again ...

      The National Capital Area Skeptics wish to announce our annual seminar and
      on Saturday April 30 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

      Please share this PDF flyer with any who may be interested.

      Thank you,
      Gary Stone, NCAS

      Anti-Fools: Hip Magic - Con Secrets & Carney Scams
      See the flyer at: http://www.ncas.org/april30/april30.pdf

      Double Bill

      <><><> THE SHOW -- SLIGHT OF MIND
      Saturday, April 30 7:30 pm $20

      *** The Ultimate Fake - Jamy Ian Swiss
      An evening of laughs, gasps, and inexplicable mystery!
      If there were such a thing a psychic powers, it would have to look like
      this. Jamy Ian Swiss performs an evening of chilling, inexplicable "mind
      -- accomplished entirely with "slight of mind". Come see for yourself how
      five ordinary senses can convince you that somehow, someway, there must be
      a sixth!

      *** And the Ultimate Real Deal - Todd Robbins
      One of the last practitioners of a quintessentially American art form --
      the side show -- Todd Robins brings us face to face with an oddly
      beautiful mixture of real-life human marvels and classic carnival magic.

      <><><> THE TALKS - SCAMS, CONS, FAKES AND FRAUDS And How to Avoid
      Getting Taken
      Saturday, April 30, 1 pm - 5:30 pm $5

      *** Spotting bogus Information on the Web
      Dr. Eileen Abels, University of Maryland, Professor of Information Studies

      *** Journalism Gone Bad - Fakes and Frauds in the Media
      Brian Morton, Baltimore City Paper columnist

      *** Sideshow Humbuggery
      James Taylor, author of Shocked & Amazed On and Off the Midway

      *** Pros of the Cons - A History of Professional Confidence Games,
      Swindles and Cheats.
      Todd Robbins, sword swallower, fire and glass eater, and purveyor of
      reality in the extreme

      *** Street Scams - Three Card Monte & the Shell Game
      Jamy Ian Swiss, magician and author

      ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL

      TICKETS: Available at the door and by advance reservation.
      Afternoon and evening, separate admission.
      Afternoon symposium $5 (that is NOT a TYPO, $5 for all 5 speakers!)
      Evening performance $20
      $20 for BOTH events with Coupon at

      LOCATION: NOAA Auditorium
      1301 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD
      Adjacent to Silver Spring Metro
      Public Parking is available under the building and nearby at
      Silver Spring Metro, also at Cameron Street & Ramsey Ave.
      (Do not park in the Giant shopping center lot.)

      CALL: 301 587-3827
      EMAIL: april30@...
      WEB: http://www.ncas.org/april30/april30.pdf

      The National Capital Area Skeptics is an independent nonprofit
      educational and scientific organization that promotes critical thinking
      and scientific understanding. NCAS is based in the Washington, Maryland,
      and Virginia community, where it serves as an advocate for science and
      reason, actively promoting the scientific method, rational inquiry, and
      education. NCAS is at the front lines in the battle against gullibility
      and fraud.

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