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"Nice of you guys to show up, it saves us billions of dollars in improbable research.

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  • Sidney Hagen
    So if the flying saucer parts existed, wouldn t you want the government having their best scientists reverse engineering parts. If they have been successful
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2004
      So if the flying saucer parts existed, wouldn't you want the government having their best scientists reverse engineering parts.  If they have been successful at reverse engineering the parts why do all flying things appear to run on rocket fuel and Jet A. {Here is where I admit that I have no idea what the covert side of the government really does}
      Look at all technologies that are spin offs of the government's research (NASA or the military) that the government let people have free and unrestricted access.
      Radar, Jet Power, Computers, Navigation System, Internet, GPS.  If it is really the standard operating procedure of the government to keep us in the dark and feed us garbage why did they allow us the computer and the Internet on which you and I have fun crabbing back and forth at each other.
      Think of how many votes JFK was going to get for promising to go the moon by the end of this decade.  Would it not benefit Bush to say "We got this drive system out of a flying saucer if I am reelected we will do round robin to Mars in the next four years and Alpha Centauri by the end of this decade."?  Between this promise and Kerry's mole Bush just might win.
      Other than me ragging you do you really receive any persecution for publicly posting a theory that they are hiding a flying saucer from us?  If I am the best scourge of the government then we are not the super power that we claim to be.
      Take care,

      --- In howtobuildaflyingsaucer@yahoogroups.com, "Time02112" <Time02112@s...> wrote:
      > It's a "Diversion"
      > 1.) Keeps others distracted from what's really going on behind the
      > scenes.
      > 2.) Satisfys non-believers of the supposed cover-up that they are
      > serving our best intentions.
      > 3.) Keeps Funding about in this phisod that they're still looking,
      > while other funding is being channeled to maintain the "active"
      > research underground for the military industrial complex special
      > interest deep black projects such as the reverse engineering of the
      > UFO's they have captured & scuttled away.
      > If you were responsible for this cover-up, and in charge of the
      > program, how else would you have done things to maintain the lies?
      > --- In howtobuildaflyingsaucer@yahoogroups.com, Sidney Hagen
      > <sididly@y...> wrote:
      > > A common belief among Ufologists is that the government has
      > suppressed many contacts with alien civilizations.  The cases
      > referenced here contain many of the common elements
      > http://dewoody.net/ruppelt/ contacts made by Air Force pilots, a
      > shaky terrestrial explanation for the event and an ensuing cover up.
      > > 
      > > The Roswell stories, Area 51 etc also have the built in assumptions
      > that the government swept in hid the evidence that the event happened.
      > > 
      > > Do we ever ask the question "Why would the government cover up
      > evidence of extraterrestrial life?"
      > > 
      > > Consider this:
      > > 
      > >  Until around 1994 the government funded the SETI project.  SETI
      > was a systematic search of  select areas of the electromagnetic
      > spectrum for some type of wave pattern that would indicate a contact
      > with an alien civilization.  The entire project was based on
      > calculations that predicted (according to evolutionary assumptions)
      > that the alien life would exist and some of it would be attempting to
      > communicate with other civilization.  This project was funded by tax
      > dollars until around 1994.  The project had its NASA budget axed due
      > to budget cuts but the project continues today in private funding
      > with the government blessing.  The scope was a complete long shot of
      > combing the most likely targets and the most likely bands of the
      > electromagnetic spectrum to get a hit, and then processing the hits
      > to find some type of pattern that would indicate intelligent life. 
      > Why would a government covering up crashed flying saucer parts
      > stacked up in Area 51 bet on such a long shot to prove that
      > >  alien life exists?
      > > 
      > > One of the objectives of the current Mars study, as well as the
      > orbiter studying Triton, one of Saturn's moons is to search for
      > evidence of primitive life.  The scientists are doing back flips to
      > get evidence of climate conditions that might have produced life. 
      > The scientists would be doing back flips if they could discover one
      > celled organisms.  Why?  because this would establish that twice life
      > evolved out of in organics in one solar system.  {Sidebar,  I don't
      > think that it happened once, but hey I am stupid and medieval}
      > > 
      > > The popularity of the singularity, worm hole, and curved space
      > models of the universe is due in a large part to the desire of
      > mainstream science to find a short cut to allow interstellar space
      > travel to be possible.  Most mainstream physics considers the speed
      > of light to be the limit of velocity, and would love to find another
      > way to get there because it would like to know what is out there.
      > > 
      > > THE POINT
      > > 
      > > The government has a history of funding mainstream science in a
      > quest for search of extraterrestrial life.  If aliens crashed on the
      > planet the government would call out mainstream scientists to
      > research and study the debris field.  A flying saucer would make the
      > SETI, needle in a haystack search for extraterrestrial life kind of
      > obsolete.
      > > 
      > > I can see the head of NASA saying to the alien,  "Nice of you guys
      > to show up, it saves us billions of dollars in improbable research."
      > > 
      > > It is my belief that the government as well as mainstream science
      > would welcome the discovery of extraterrestrial life.
      > > 
      > > Take care,
      > > 
      > > Sid

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