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skeptical email list: Uri Geller taking up Orgonomy

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  • eric
    People, If you check out: http://www.uri-geller.com/jewish/week.htm you will see former magician, Uri Geller, joining forces with the Orgonomists. Orgonomy
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2003
          If you check out:
      you will see former magician, Uri Geller, joining forces with the Orgonomists.   Orgonomy is an old crackpot belief system that sprung out of the excesses of Freudean psychology.  Central to it's unproven tenets is the belief that there is an "Orgone" energy associated with living things that can be stored and channeled.  Among the bizzare claims are that one can set up tubes (called cloud busters) pointing towards space to focus ogone energy to effect the weather.  During a drought, there have been cases of a follower doing this and then (via regression towards the means) and waiting enough days . . . and then it rains!.  I have information on the cult-like devotees of Orgonomy at:
      I had an email list on the topic, but Orgonomists (who are known to sue to prevent free exchange of ideas) must have convinced yahoogroups to shut it down.
           The best source of information on the on-going antics of Uri Geller has always been the amazing James Randi:
      I close with a letter from James DeMeo (leader of the largest faction of Orgonomy believers) to Uri (as found at:)

      Dear Uri Geller,

      Thanks kindly for your discussion of my desert-greening "cloudbusting" work in
      Israel during the 1991-92 rainy season, printed in the Jewish Telegraph on
      20/07/02, which I just learned about and saw at your website: "Opening your
      mind can help end droughts"

      That work was, indeed, a miraculous break-through in the social-environmental
      problems of deserts, known and facilitated by many high-ups in the Israeli
      government at the time, but today hardly known except to a small handful of my
      friends who helped with the work at the time. It was undertaken by myself and
      Theirrie Cook, who today runs the foremost company making authentic Reich
      orgone accumulators (www.orgonics.com). What followed that experiment was the
      most generous rainy season Israel has ever experienced, breaking all historical
      records. So much rain fell, unfortunately, that it also threatened to wash
      away many central tenets of classical physics and meteorology, and it was
      easier for the various officials and scientists observing and helping with the
      project to simply pull the blankets up over their heads and go back to sleep,
      rather than properly consider the ramifications, and facilitate a longer-term
      project to help the people of the region. Yoash Tsiddon, one of your MK's, was
      familiar with the project, but became skeptical after the meteorologists said
      the big rains were only an after-affect of Mt. Pinotubo erupting. Forget that
      Mt. Pinotubo was on the other side of the planet, and had errupted months
      before, and there was no clear mechanism for rains to propogate from there to
      Israel (and mostly, only to Israel and surrounding lands)... it was a
      convenient excuse to ignore the effects of our project. Besides, the head of
      the Israeli hydrology department at the time (Dan Zaslavsky?) was embarrased by
      "too much" rain falling. Rightly or not, he was hotly criticized for perhaps
      unnecessarily ordering up too many *cloudseeding* flight operations during that
      same time. Some problems also occurred, such as leaky roofs, and the Ayalon
      flooded and halted traffic a few times during that season, but traffic deaths
      actually declined and a bumper crop developed the following summer. Also on
      the bright side, after our hard work, all the Israeli reservoirs were full to
      the brim, the Kinneret spilling over in fact down into the Dead Sea, the
      Deganya Dam opened wide to prevent Tiberius from getting its feet wet, with
      every pump at work putting water back into the ground for recharge of the
      acquifers. Who could have believed it!? Even today, nobody wants to remember
      what happened, as if I was a man from Mars who had arrived at the Knesset in a
      space ship, like Klatoo in "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

      Well, that was then, and since we departed, Israel has not had a wet year like
      it, either before or since. Everyone will remember the big snows in Jerusalem
      and on the Golan, the Arab and Israeli kids having snowball fights, and even in
      the mountains surrounding Eilat, the wildflowers in the Negev, and the old
      dead orchards abandoned in the deserts decades ago, coming back to life all on
      their own. Our small experiment using equipment built by a local machine shop
      showed what was possible. On this score, I remind everyone about the Wright
      brothers, and Goddard's rocket, both widely ridiculed and called "hoax" and
      "fraud" in their early years. In my professional estimation, this discovery is
      similar in its revolutionary potentials. Certainly, we have had the same
      insults hurled in our direction, by similar mindless defenders of orthodoxy.

      I would also correct one small wrong impression in your article, and argue that
      Reich's work, and my work, is formulated in the best tradition of the natural
      sciences, and developed within that framework. The problem is not that this
      work has failed to be "scientifically" investigated or appreciated. In fact,
      just the opposite. Reich's work was conducted very scientifically, as was the
      work of others who investigated the subject after Reich's death, but before my
      own work was undertaken. And they published their works in scientific journals,
      for the entire world to see. My experimental investigations on the subject
      were firstly accepted as a graduate Thesis at the University of Kansas, later
      published in various scientific journals, and presented at scholarly
      conferences. Field tests were conducted under rigorous conditions using
      official government weather data for evaluations, firstly in the USA, then
      later on with the cooperation of government officials in Israel, Namibia and
      even a 5-year project in Eritrea was undertaken -- funding was provided by
      private individuals, or by foundations or by the governments themselves -- all
      the usual and proper steps were taken for introducing a new set of findings to
      the scientific community. And for the most part, the findings were politely,
      if not silently, received. And I am myself a Ph.D., former professor once
      holding a post at different mainstream universities: ie., Illinois State
      University and University of Miami, and I've given invited lectures at many
      others. The results of the desert-greening cloudbuster field work always was
      excellent, with a very large amount of rain for all those who requested our
      teams to come and work. However, in nearly every case, the politics of
      science, and plain-old narrow mindedness and fear of the unknown set in,
      followed by a very loud silence from most everyone involved. Except, of
      course, the organized "skeptic" groups typically behaved like a pack of noisy
      hyenas, making a public ridicule of this important work, insuring that only the
      boldest individuals would dare to be seen having a public association.

      Since you mention our "Heretic's Notebook", you might consider to follow-up
      your article with another one discussing our 5-year project in Eritrea, which
      is discussed in it. As much as the Israel project, that work showed what was
      possible with careful application of cloudbusting by trained people. An
      approximate 40% increase in rains. Europe's recent massive heat-wave, I
      estimate, could have been ended by our methods in a few days. But who want's
      to hear about unconventional approaches!?

      My first visit to Israel was back in 1980, just before Sadat was assassinated,
      and I visited the Ben Gurion University Desert Research Institute at Sde Boker
      -- I still recall the words of Ben Gurion written over the gates, dedicated to
      "greening the Negev". That idea stuck with me over the decades, and my team
      was able to test it out in 1991-92, with very positive results. We are always
      open to undertaking a new project in Israel, and greening the Negev with this
      method is still a clear possibility. As already proven, the effects would be
      widespread across all international borders as well, not merely isolated to
      Israel, and could change the entire social-conflict equation, to at least
      remove water-resources as a point of dispute, and soften the desert-atmosphere
      as well, which seems part of the violence equation insofar as it pushes
      everyone towards irritability. Fruit trees and forests could then be grown in
      the wastelands of the Negev.

      In the past, we tried to get a larger proposal for a new Israel desert-greening
      project considered by the Jewish National Fund, which at one point had given a
      small grant for the work in Eritrea (based upon a personal favor) but the
      gentleman who opened that door had since passed away. The JNF more recently
      has hundreds of millions of dollars for tanker-pipeline projects, which would
      cost many dollars per gallon of water acquired, and make Israel dependent upon
      imported Turkish water. But they had nothing available for our work, which had
      already proven itself. Basically, our proposal to the JNF was treated with
      contempt, not even given the courtesy of a response. Only silent contempt.
      For the record, I estimate a sum of $300,000 would get a project going over
      two or three years, and results would be observed in the first year for certain
      -- would a re-filling of the Kinneret be of interest to anyone in Israel? If
      you have any wealthy friends in the USA or Israel who might want to try this
      out on a private basis, we are ready to go, and the track-record of
      demonstrated success is already there. Feel free to give out my name and
      contact information below as you see best, or even to publish it in your
      columns. It is truly a remarkable discovery, made by Reich, and I was
      priviledged to research it, and help prove that he was correct. Now, we only
      wait for a world that is ready to listen.

      Thanks again for your kind mention of my work,

      All the best,

      James DeMeo, Ph.D.
      Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory
      Greensprings Center
      PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA
      telephone/fax (541) 552-0118
      Internet Web Site for OBRL:

      PS. More information on my cloudbusting work can be found in the list of
      websites and citations given below.

      DeMeo, James: Preliminary Analysis of Changes in Kansas Weather Coincidental to
      Experimental Operations with a Reich Cloudbuster, Thesis,
      Geography-Meteorology Dept., University of Kansas, Lawrence, 1979.

      DeMeo, James & Robert Morris: "Preliminary Report on a Cloudbusting Experiment
      in the Southeastern Drought Zone, August 1986", Southeastern Drought Symposium
      Proceedings, March 4-5, 1987, South Carolina State Climatology Office
      Publication G-30, Columbia, SC, 1987.

      DeMeo, James: OROP Arizona 1989: A Cloudbusting Experiment to Bring Rains in
      the Desert Southwest, Special Report, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab,
      Ashland, Oregon 1989.

      DeMeo, James: "OROP Arizona 1989: A Cloudbusting Experiment to Bring Rains in
      the Desert Southwest", Pulse of the Planet #3, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab,
      Ashland, Oregon 1991, p.82-92.

      DeMeo, James: OROP Israel 1991-1992: A Cloudbusting Experiment to Restore
      Wintertime Rains to Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean During an Extended
      Period of Drought, Special Report, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, Ashland,
      Oregon 1992.

      DeMeo, James: "OROP Israel 1991-1992: A Cloudbusting Experiment to Restore
      Wintertime Rains to Israel and the Eastern Mediterranean During an Extended
      Period of Drought", Pulse of the Planet #4: On Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy,
      Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, Ashland, Oregon
      1993, p.92-98.

      DeMeo, James: "Cloudbusting: Growing Evidence for a New Method of Ending
      Drought and Greening Deserts", American Institute for Biomedical Climatology
      Journal , Vol.20, pp.1-4, 1996.

      DeMeo, James: Report on Experimental Cloudbusting Operations in Eritrea, 1998,
      with Summary Data Analysis for Prior Years: 1994 to 1998, Special Report,
      Orgone Biophysical Research Lab, Ashland, Oregon 1998.

      DeMeo, James: "OROP Eritrea: A 5-year Desert Greening Experiment in the East
      African Sahara-Sahel" Pulse of the Planet #5: Heretic's Notebook: Emotions,
      Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy, with New Research Supporting
      Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab,
      Ashland, Oregon 2002, p.183-211.

      Complete listing of James DeMeo's lectures and publications:

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