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Fwd: ON TONIGHT! 8pm - "Critical Eye" Discovery channel c/o CISCOP

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  • eric krieg
    The following sounds like a great show. Hopefully it can get good ... ON TONIGHT! - Critical Eye (8:00pm Eastern - Check you local listings) Dear CSICOP List
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2002
      ON TONIGHT! - Critical Eye  (8:00pm Eastern - Check you local listings)

      Dear CSICOP List Reader:

      Tonight on the Discovery Science channel will be the third episode of the "Critical Eye" program.  The episode tonight will be  "Legendary Myths." And the description of the program reads: "Follow the trail of legendary myths in pursuit of Big Foot and the elusive Loch Ness Monster. Also study the evidence surrounding Noah and the Ark and the search for the lost city of Atlantis."

      "Critical Eye" and it was produced in cooperation with CSICOP and the Skeptical Inquirer magazine. Many of you have already seen the 3-4 minutes shorts currently being run on Discovery Science, which are titled "Skeptical Inquirer."  The new show is modeled upon these shorts, but will be an hour long and examine several topics within each episode. CSICOP did not have final script approval, but we did contribute a great deal of time to them, as well as most of the skeptical guests presented.  We have high hopes for the final product.

      It think it pretty safe to say that the skeptical point of view will be very well represented.  William B. Davis (The X-Files-smoking man),  will be the series host. He is a longtime reader and supporter of the Skeptical Inquirer and had been instrumental in keeping the show true to its mission. I hope you can mark the airdates on your schedule, and then let us know your thoughts.

      Barry Karr
      CSICOP/Skeptical Inquirer

      Critical Eye

      This series hosted by William B. Davis (The X-Files-smoking man), looks into the science behind the paranormal, new age philosophies, and the unexplained.The series will investigate 34 topics including, subliminal messaging, alien abduction, acupuncture, ghosts, astrology, exorcism, Stonehenge, near-death experiences, and the lost city of Atlantis. Each topic will be addressed by leading experts and scientists. These subjects will be brought to life through lively debate and extraordinary visuals in order to shed light on its scientific relevance.

      Please see schedule below for more details.


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