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New Largest Asteroid in History is now cover story for Planet X

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  • planetx2003@yahoo.com
    The media cryed wolf with Y2k and a planetary alignment. The wolf is now knocking at the door. There s no warning going to be given. World Wide
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2001
      The media cryed wolf with Y2k and a planetary alignment.
      The wolf is now knocking at the door. There's no warning going to be

      World Wide Bulletin--Largest Asteroid ever discovered announced in
      just this last week! That's all they are saying. It's the cover story
      for Planet X!

      It's round, red and words are all the powers that be have to hide it
      now that it is so close. In July they disclosed the object "2001
      KX76" as being red with a picture.
      One month later the same object has increased in size and is being
      called the "Largest Asteriod in all history". The picture has changed
      to blue.
      They changed the color and increased the estimated size when they
      drew all the attention to it announcing it was the Largest Asteriod.

      Brown Dwarf stars are red. They did not want people even speculating
      that it was a brown dwarf and changed its color to blue. You people
      really have no clue whats going on here. Do you want to find out
      before it Blindsides you?

      This disinformation campaign that insiders knew would be coming, is
      now in full swing. Are you going to fall for or ignore it like you've
      been pre-programmed to do?

      Natural Calamities IN 2003

      Did you know that PLANET X will pass by Earth again in 2003 after
      approximately 3660 years of absence on its regular orbit? Like most
      people you probably do not know this. The knowledge has been kept
      away from the public and made confusing for several reasons, one of
      which is to avoid causing panic among the world's population.

      PLANET X is a brown dwarf star that orbits between BOTH suns (our sun
      and its dark twin sun), and not just around the one in our sky like
      the other 9 planets. A diagram from the 1987 New Science and
      Invention Encyclopedia includes our dead twin sun & the 10th planet.

      X's mass, magnetism and density is such that it disrupts the surface
      of every planet it passes. In fact, history shows 7 years prior to
      its passage it begins to trigger volcanic and seismic activity, as
      well as changes in weather patterns, which are now falsely being
      blamed on global warming and solar flare activity. You have, no
      doubt, noticed how volcanic and seismic activity have increased
      worldwide since 1996. Traditional weather patterns have also been
      changing and breaking all time records regularly.

      You will want to research the advent of PLANET X and the cataclysms
      it will trigger by simply passing EARTH. You will then be aware of
      what will happen, and you can make whatever preparations you desire.

      In my work:

      PLANET X Passes in 2003

      I present the following:

      * What is PLANET X
      * When did it pass us before, and what happened then
      * What is expected to happen this time in Spring 2003
      * Why we are being deceived
      * What can I do to get ready
      * Where can I find out more (books, websites)

      The time has come to face this pending event and follow your heart as
      to what to do. Preparing for you and your loved ones might be a good
      choice. Only a few months are left until the passage.

      It's easy to scoff at or discount what you know very little to
      nothing about. More than likely what you have heard has been tainted
      with skepticism purposely. We are all naive in different areas.

      There's nothing to lose by studying this most important subject more

      Free 1st section (put X in subject) to planetx2003@ yahoo.com or
      click http://www.planetx2003.f2s.com/

      For survival questions http://www.survivalcenter.com/
      The gov'ts are not going to warn or help you.

      Don't let yourself get Blindsided. I plan to issue updates as more
      information becomes available.


      Mark Hazlewood
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