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skeptic email list - reaching out to young people

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  • eric krieg
    People I ve had a number of conversations with people centering on how it is important to reach young people with the message of critical thinking. Joe
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      I've had a number of conversations with people centering on how
      it is important to reach young people with the message of
      critical thinking. Joe Nickell has a great book which my kids have
      loved called "The Magic Detectives". It makes a great book for
      kids which can show them mysteries and show a rational explanation.
      Kids like to solve puzzles, they just need truthful starting sources for
      their information.

      Michael Shermer's publication, "Skeptic" has been running a
      subsection called "Young Skeptic" aimed at kids.

      My daughters middle school had a sign up for adults to do a
      presentation on a "Career and Interest day" - she told me that
      the day kids signed up for the classes, she heard that mine on
      "the paranormal" was the most popular. I will have little hands
      on demonstrations to see if any can really dowse above chance,
      read minds or guess how I will pull off a phony paranormal
      demonstration. I'll also play a brief tape about a con man I expect
      to get questions about Fox's horrendous disinformation show about
      the moon hoax.

      Theodore Schick has written a book "How to Think About Weird Things"
      which is meant to be a text book for kids on critical thinking. I offer a review
      of his lecture to PhACT at the bottom of:

      the following is a reminder from CSICOP:

      If you can help, Please Respond to: a.human@... (Amanda Chesworth)

      The Skeptic's Journey

      As adults we often look back upon our childhood wishing we had the
      resources we do now for our mind's adventures and explorations. Or we
      remember fondly the few outlets we did find and the influential people and
      experiences that played a role in the development of our skeptical lives. It
      may be a series of unconnected events or a continuous journey of discovery,
      but each of us has a story that is worth passing on; a book that opened the
      doors to learning and wonder; a teacher that excited the imagination and
      ignited the fires of the mind; a great discovery or event that stimulated a
      passion for science; or the simple exposure to a humanity dominated by
      nonsensical beliefs. Experiences that derailed our intellectual pursuits are
      also worth recording -- there is no end to the stimuli and pressures that a
      person may be subjected to while growing up that can work to extinguish the
      curiosity, wonder and imagination that, if nurtured, can lead to a love of
      learning and fascination with reality rather than a commitment to fantasy
      and a difficulty in navigating through the world. As parents, teachers,
      mentors, or other young skeptics along for the ride, there is an untapped
      resource of life experiences that needs to be recorded for the skeptics of
      tomorrow. If given the opportunity what would you pass along? CSICOP's Young
      Skeptic Program would like to offer interested skeptics the opportunity to
      submit their stories for inclusion on the website. We are looking for
      stories that recount the Skeptic's Journey - sprinkled with experiences,
      books you read, movies you watched, quotes that inspired you, people you met
      and resources you found that resulted in a skeptic firmly grounded in
      reality but not afraid to jump up and reach for the stars.

      Please send all submissions to the Young Skeptics Program Director, Amanda
      Chesworth, at a.human@...



      Eric Krieg
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