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skeptical - update

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  • eric krieg
    People in the Philadelphia area can catch Joe Nickell March 10th - see: http://www.phact.org/phact/meetings.html A new skeptical discussion board at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2001
      People in the Philadelphia area can catch Joe Nickell March 10th - see:

      A new skeptical discussion board at:

      I'm forwarding the following on behalf of others:

      Don Barbera <dbarbera@...>

      My name is Don Barbera. I am completing my research for a book regarding
      nonbelief and skepticism in the community of African descent. I am a
      researcher-journalist seeking information concerning those of African
      descent who are outside what is considered "mainstream" religion
      (Orthodox Christianity).

      -- ============================ and the following

      Subject: Skeptical channel on IRC
      Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:24:25 -0700
      From: "Matthew" <mloxton@...>

      The channel has relocated to appleslice.org
      Apologies to those who got lost when it moved.

      It was an auspicious time in the passage of heavenly bodies to change, and
      there was some stuff about servers and bots and other stuff.
      The channel is always open, but is chiefly manned between 08h00 EST and
      20h00 EST

      As we get speakers , specific announcements will be made.


      I have established on appleslice.ORG a skeptical channel called

      If you are interested in delivering a presentation, or debating, or putting
      forward a discussion point, please drop in or e-mail me with some details.
      You are also very welcome to attend as an audience member.
      Please let me know if you would like somebody to present a particular
      subject, or have a specific presenter.
      I have intentions to pester Michael Shermer, James Randi, and others, until
      they agree to presenting and/or debating.

      The advantages are:

      1. There is no travel
      2. No parking problems
      3. No hotel food
      4. Everything that is said is automatically logged.
      5. It is possible to refer to any web site during the discussion because all
      attendees are by definition online.
      6. The presentation portions are moderated, so heckling is almost impossible
      7. One does not have to wear uncomfortable shoes, unless one really likes
      that sort of thing

      The disadvantages are naturally that its all text based and one loses
      perhaps some of the impact that an oral presentation may have.

      I have an ircbot which serves up bible quotations as well as a growing set
      of philosophical, logical, and science information.

      Although it is a home for skeptics on the net, claimants are welcome to trot
      out their stuff.

      To get onto IRC one needs a client browser like:
      mIRC www.mirc.com , or
      Pirch www.pirch.com

      which once you have download the free client, you enter

      /server appleslice.ORG

      after connecting enter

      /j skepsis

      and it will take you to the skeptical home channel.


      You can use the free java by going to
      http://web.ministries-online.org/believers with your browser

      and selecting "Skepsis" on the drop-down menu


      Note: this list is now supported by yahoo.

      Eric Krieg

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