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Fringe AIDS theory to be examined on NPR

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  • Eric Hamell
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2000
      The first item in particular may interest many list members:

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      >Subject: WHYY-91FM Program Schedule for Friday, 9/15/00 Date: Thu, 14 Sep
      >2000 16:16:27 -0400
      >Here's a rundown of what you will be hearing on WHYY, 91FM (90.9Mhz) from
      >Friday, September 15, 2000 at 6:00 AM until Saturday, September 16, 2000
      >at 5:00 AM:
      >MORNING EDITION with Bob Edwards and Dave Heller 6-9AM
      >Sciencewatch examines the controversy in the news this week around
      >allegations that the AIDS virus was triggered during Polio Vaccine tests
      >conducted at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia in the 1950s.
      >Morning Edition will be pre-empted at 9:00AM so that we may present
      >"Latinos 2000: Forging a Latino Identity."
      >By the middle of this century, it's estimated that 1 in 4 people in the US
      >will boast Hispanic roots. This program examines what impact this
      >expansive growth has had, and will continue to have, on US culture,
      >politics, and perspectives.
      >RADIO TIMES with Marty Moss-Coane 10AM-NOON
      >Hour One: Guest host Linda Wight Moore talks with Sister Jeannine
      >Gramick, a Roman Catholic nun who was ordered by the Vatican last year to
      >end her ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics.
      >Hour Two: Who are the windbags? The Windbags are a quartet of Irish
      >musicians and they join Linda for an hour of lively Celtic music.
      >The Radio Times toll free call-in number is 1-888-477-WHYY.
      >(repeated at midnight)
      >Visit the Radio Times web site at http://www.whyy.org/91FM/RadioTimes.html
      >and sign up for the Radio Times Chat Box.
      >SELECTED SHORTS with Isaiah Sheffer NOON-1PM
      >From Symphony Space in New York City, hear marvelous short stories read by
      >actors and actresses from the American stage and screen. This week: "A
      >Run of Bad Luck," by E. Annie Proulx, read by Cherry Jones, "Snows," by
      >Ann Beattie, read by Lee Grant, "The Fields," "This Morning," and
      >"Happiness," by Raymond Carver, read by Cherry Jones and Lois Smith, "On
      >the Sale of My Farm," "A Patch of Old Snow," and "The Road Not Taken," by
      >Robert Frost, read by Isaiah Sheffer and Lois Smith.
      >THE CONNECTION with Christopher Lydon 1-2PM
      >The Life of Francoise Gilot.
      >(This show was pre-recorded.)
      >Improving Athletic Performance.
      >Call 1-800-989-TALK to join in the conversation.
      >FRESH AIR with Terry Gross 3-4PM
      >"This is Spinal Tap," the mock documentary about a heavy metal band has
      >been re-released. On this archive edition, we hear from co-writers and
      >co-stars Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest.
      >(repeated at 7PM)
      >For tapes and transcripts of Fresh Air, call Toll-Free 1-877-21-FRESH.
      >Hear details on the day's news from NPR in Washington and 91FM in
      >Philadelphia, plus the Franklin Institute weather forecast and Shadow
      >Traffic reports.
      >MARKETPLACE with David Brancaccio 6:30-7PM
      >Get a detailed look at the day's business news.
      >FRESH AIR with Terry Gross 7-8PM
      >(see today's earlier listing for details)
      >THE WORLD 8-9PM
      >Get a global perspective on the news with reports from around the world
      >and features such as the nightly geography quiz and world music reviews.
      >Art-Science Overlap?
      >(This show was pre-recorded.)
      >ON THE MEDIA with Brian Lehrer 10-11PM
      >Brian Lehrer hosts this provocative discussion about the media's influence
      >on American culture and politics. (repeated Sunday at 10AM.)
      >RADIO TIMES with Marty Moss-Coane MIDNIGHT-2AM
      >(see today's earlier listing for details)
      >(This program was pre-recorded.)
      >Visit the Radio Times web site at http://www.whyy.org/91FM/RadioTimes.html
      >WRN brings together the best news, current affairs and feature programs
      >from the world�s leading international public radio stations. Among
      >organizations reporting are Radio Sweden, Swiss Radio International, and
      >Radio Budapest. You'll also hear hourly news updates from NPR in
      >LATINO USA with Maria Hinojosa 5-5:30AM
      >Latino identity in the Year 2000. How are Latinos transforming this
      >country and what impact is the US having on how Latinos define themselves?
      > Join us for a special report for Hispanic Heritage Month - A search for
      >the meaning of Latino identity.
      >SOUND PRINT 5:30-6AM
      >In 1948 the Democratic party faced extraordinary challenges: how to forge
      >an alliance between Southern conservatives, Western progressives and big
      >city labor; how to incorporate a civil rights plank; how to quell the rise
      >of a third party. Truman, Dewey and Henry Wallace. It was a year of
      >upsets. Producer Moira Rankin brings us the sense, and sounds, of that
      >pivotal election year. And are
      >there political and social lessons for this year's presidential contest to
      >be learned from the election of '48.
      >For information on today's TV12 schedule, the WHYY Education channel
      >schedule, and WHYY's 24 hour classical music service, please go to
      >www.whyy.org. While you are there, you can tune in to 91FM programs on
      >your computer! Just click on "Listen Live."
      >All programs are subject to change. For more details, visit the 91FM web
      >site at www.whyy.org
      >Send comments regarding 91FM programs to: 91fmcomments@...
      >or phone the WHYY response line: 215-923-WHYY.
      >If you have questions about our news stories, call the WHYY news room at
      >NPR Phone Numbers:
      >NPR Audience Services 202-414-5232
      >NPR Tapes and Transcripts 1-877-NPR-TEXT
      >Fresh Air Tapes and Transcripts 1-877-21-FRESH
      >Public Radio exists through the financial support of its listeners. To
      >become a 91FM
      >member, or if you have questions about your current WHYY membership, call
      >215 351-0511.
      >Thanks for listening to public radio 91FM, WHYY!
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